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Weekly Review #13

Hello, bloggers! I hope your Monday is treating you well.

This past week was quite productive. Well, on everything but A Shining Moment. But that will change this week. I am happy to report that my car is now fixed and driveable, which means I can finally get around to visiting some potential vendors. I have never been so thrilled to have a working vehicle. I know how fortunate my husband and I are with each of us having our own way of transportation. Because being stuck in the house for three weeks, day after day, just plain sucked.

On to other things………

AdvoCare is still not doing as well as I had hoped, at least the business side of it. The hubs and I are still reaping the benefits and loving every minute of it. We’re still losing weight and feeling amazing! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Deciding to take the 24 Day Challenge was the best decision we’ve ever made. I feel better than I ever have! Just in case you’ve missed it in previous posts, the website to check out AdvoCare products is Trust me, if you take that first step, you won’t regret it!

After much debate, we have decided to throw a Halloween Party. Preparations are already underway. I have a ton of ideas, including lots of DIY projects. We’re hoping this year will be bigger and better. The decorating will be more thorough; the food will be easy, plentiful, but fun; the invite list is longer; and, the activities are limitless. I can’t wait! Going right along with Halloween……my thriller is continuing to flourish. I already have half of the screenplay laid out on index cards. It is going to be awesome!

Now for this week’s book review:

Aversion, by Kenechi Udogu, is Book One of the Mentalist Series. It is about high school student Gemma Green. She is an Averter, which means she connects with certain people and has the ability to help change their minds so something bad doesn’t happen. Her father has trained her well for her first Aversion. And it seems to go as planned. That is until her Aversion target tries to befriend her. She has spent her whole life keeping to herself, purposely not making friends because of how often Averters must move. Only after that first Aversion her life gets flipped upside down, as she discovers the truth she has been shielded from.

This is such a great read! The creativity that went into this book, the characters, and the storyline is amazing. I was hooked from the first page. It’s imaginative, intriguing, and masterful. And I cannot wait to read the next book!

That sums up another awesome week. So until next time……………love & blessings!

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