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Weekly Review #14

Hello, bloggers! Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to tackle on another Monday.

This past week has proved to be a productive one. I dived into some ‘Fall Cleaning,’ and am preparing for a yard sale. Those are always fun! In an attempt to work on AdvoCare, I was disappointed to find out we will not be participating in Oktoberfest this year. Someone has already booked a booth for AdvoCare. Progress and success will come though………eventually. This week, I’m hoping to contact (FINALLY) some potential vendors for A Shining Moment. I’ve been so caught up in other things, my multitasking skills have suffered.

Halloween is quickly approaching. Plans are still underway. We’ve discussed some great food ideas and even better decorating ideas. I’m certain our house will be a little gory. I can’t wait! So far in the plans, we’ll have  a murder scene, a witches’ circle, a fortune teller, and a few other surprises. I have a lot of work to do, lots of DIY projects.

The writing is coming along nicely. The first step to my screenplay is complete. Yay! Well, for the most part. I’m going back and rewriting the notes, to make them clearer. ( <—– This is due to the OCD me.  🙂  ) But the first step is using index cards. I wrote out all the scenes, with pertinent details–including characters, location, props, and a synopsis of the scene. There are over 60 scenes, so I used quite a few index cards. I believe everything flows perfectly. I let the hubs look over the cards and he approved. So we’re off to a great start.

For this week, I have two book reviews. Both of these were requests from Author Alliance. I still haven’t found a bad book! They’ve all been great!

First is Tropical Storm by Stefanie Graham. This book is about Cairo Kane, who took his life as a blue-collar boy and, with his determination and drive, made something better of himself. He is now a millionaire hotelier on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. Six years ago he escaped his life in New York. A life of heartbreak and betrayal all because of Jessica Storm, a spoiled socialite. She married him just as quickly as she let her controlling parents force him out of her life. Only now she’s come back. She is determined to get her way and there’s nothing Cairo can do about it.

I found this book to be quite addictive. It was a quick read for me, which simply means I couldn’t put it down. The love that Cairo and Jessica share is amazing, to say the least. They have this crazy hold on each other. No matter how hard either of them fight it, no matter what situations arise, they cannot stay away. They have such passion, such love. It’s almost amusing, how fate wants to bring them together and everything else seems to want to tear them apart. It’s a love story like no other and one that just has to be read!

The next book is Out of the Box-Awakening by Jennifer Theriot. Here we read about Olivia Peterson. She’s living her life, as a mother and as a wife. Everything is as good as it can be. Her kids all have their own life, her husband has a great job. Can’t get any better…………so she thinks. Then, her husband gets a job transfer. Olivia has to pick up her life in Texas and move to the big city of Chicago. She’s thrown into a new life and a new home, where, until her and her husband find a place of their own, she is forced to live with a man she doesn’t know. Of course, her husband’s widowed friend is very welcoming and hospitable. But it’s a big change and Olivia does not easily accept adjustments in her life. However, she soon learns that everything she thought she knew about herself and her life will change, whether she likes it or not.

I really enjoyed this book. I love the characters! It’s easy to fall in love with them. Each one adds a special element to the story. And the story, itself, is compelling. There’s romance, comedy, and drama. The unconditional love in this book is something we can all hope for. My favorite part is that the meaning of family is taken to a new level. It goes outside bloodlines. Families are best when there’s a mixture of personalities and that is exactly what we find in this book. A big, eccentric, extended family.

Until next time, fellow bloggers…………love & blessings!

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