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Weekly Review #18

Good morning, wonderful bloggers! I hope everyone’s weekend was as productive and exciting as mine!

We finished some of our Halloween props, although we still have quite a bit to go. All the details to the party have been decided on……for the most part. I expect this week to be quite busy with remaining preparations, but hopefully I won’t be overwhelmed. I tend to often get overwhelmed before a big shindig.

Anyways……this weekend I experienced my first bonfire. It was at the house of one of hubby’s coworkers. Turned out, several of Chad’s ballpark buddies were there so we both knew the other guests. This was a relief to me. I’m naturally a shy person and tend to feel uncomfortable and awkward in situations where I don’t know anyone. ( Let me just say I am different when it comes to social media. I’m only awkward in person. lol ) This was not the case at the bonfire. Being ballpark acquaintances with the girls, we all immediately got along. We had an absolute blast! And have a few additional hang outs planned.  🙂

In regards to my writing, it has still sadly suffered. But with the reasonable excuse of Halloween. Priorities, priorities! Once Halloween festivities are over, I can jump back on the writing wagon. At least for a few weeks, until Thanksgiving and Christmas enter the picture. ( My next favorite holidays. ) On a good note, however, while shopping at Walmart for groceries, decor, and such, Chad stumbled across a mask that I believe will be perfect for the antagonist of our movie. Its perfect! It hides the face well, only exposing the eyes, and it has a nice element of scary. Plus, it was only six bucks. Win-Win!


My requests from Author Alliance has finally started to slow. Thank goodness. Now that was becoming overwhelming! I do still have 17 books left to read and review………out of 38 requests. I hate how many I have had to decline, but there’s just no way! I would be reading until 2015 with all those books and that, I’m sure, would not appease any of the authors. I understand the purpose, after all. They need some people to read their books ASAP and review them ASAP. That’s not exactly doable when you have almost 60 books on your list.

That being said……I have one review. And, yes, it is one from Author Alliance. Another great read!


Dead Ringer by Jim Yackel is about Jesse Same. We follow along with him on a unique journey in Chittenango, the very birthplace of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. He is known in his hometown as the Elvis impersonator. More importantly, he is a Christian and has a son who takes after him. Unfortunately, many of the townspeople, including the boy’s mother and stepfather, don’t have the same beliefs. Jesse has been gifted with prophetic dreams and visions and this amazing trait plays a major role throughout the book. These dreams and visions may lead to the end of the world as we know it.

I was immediately pulled into this book. Its frightening, but inspirational with an element of realism. Jesse, and even his son, exhibit such strength, such faith. The relationship between the father and son will melt your heart. My favorite part about this book is the role and importance of Christ. Its not your typical Christian fiction. There’s mystery and suspense and even a dose of action and romance. Its a book that simply won’t disappoint.


That concludes this week’s weekly review. I do have several interviews scheduled; every week is planned through the middle of November. That makes me a very happy girl. I am totally loving the response I received, via Twitter, about the interviews. I am thoroughly enjoying meeting and learning about these people. They have been such a delight to work with!


Until next time………………………………………love & blessings!

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