Interview #3 with Alan Lawson

Good morning, bloggers! I have another fantastic interview for you!

Please welcome Mr. Alan Lawson. Another talented writer that you should definitely take notice too. He is here to tell us about his debut novel The Elderine Stone, a young adult fantasy novel that has received some great (and deserving) reviews.

1) Have you always known you wanted to pursue a writing career?

I can’t say that I have always wanted to pursue a career of writing.  However, when reading this question, I remember when I was about 7 or 8 writing a short book about Dinosaurs with my friend at school.  I also remember our teacher telling us to consider writing about something other than dinosaurs.  I guess I eventually did.

Now that I have written The Elderine Stone, I would love to write more.  I hope those who read it, enjoy it.  That is enough to encourage me to pursue writing more.

2) You were introduced to stories of fantasy and magic at a young age. How has this influenced your writing today?

People ask me this quite a bit, and I do have to admit that I love the classical fantasy stories.  Good vs Evil, a hero on a quest to discover truth and stop evil forces from spreading.  My dad always told me bedtime stories when I was young, and my brother created a bit of a fantasy game addiction in me.  These memories mixed with my current interactions with films, books, games and music related to the fantasy genre have all proven to be inspirational.

3) What part of writing do you find most exhilarating?

Telling a story that will interest readers.  I think any writer will say the same.  I work in recruitment, and I love when people are successfully placed in jobs.  I love making people offers, and hearing them happy.  It’s a fantastic encouragement.  It’s the same with my writing.  When someone enjoys a story or poem of mine, and gain some pleasure than this makes me happy, encouraged and exhilarated!

4) What inspired you to write The Elderine Stone?

I was studying my first degree in Communication at the time, if I remember it came from a dream.  It was my sense of escapism from my world of study, which led me to write The Elderine Stone.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could escape to a fantasy world, where a new magical adventure awaits?

5) What do you hope readers experience from this debut novel?

I hope that those who read The Elderine Stone firstly enjoy the story.  It is a lighthearted adventure and journey of self-discovery and focuses on friendship overcoming unknown tasks.  Everyone in life has a bit of an adventure at some point.  Especially the younger readers, they may be going through very strange and stressful times.  It is important to know that no matter who you are, where you are, or what your background is, someone, somewhere understands, and will be there to help.  Share your adventure with them, and it will make it so much easier.

6) The Elderine Stone has been used in the classroom? What can students gain from it?

I guess this is similar to my previous point.  I would like to think that young people can take the motivation to be creative, to think about fantasy worlds, create wonderful characters and share these with others.  On the other hand, I hope that young reader will understand that they are never alone, in a fantasy world, at their home, or in their classroom.  Someone will also be there, and always be willing to help you overcome any challenge.

7) Readers have been entranced by your writing in this novel. How did you create such an amazing land?

Hasparia is the land in which The Elderine Stone is set.  A small country bordered to the north by The Mingus Mountains, the east by a great Desert and to the west and south a vast ocean.  In comparison to some stories, and some famous fantasy adventures, the land is not great; the story is more about the building friendship and discovery of truth. 

Even though the land was small, to young friends this might seem huge, there are so many places that they visit.  From the Elven city of Glen’Tirel hidden deep within the Elderine Forest, Emily’s home a huge, towering tree, the City of Haspar, full busy shoppers, strange buildings, the Royal Palace and the Great Library and then there are less joyful places such as the Lost City near the Mingus Mountains.

8) Are you currently working on any projects?

I have recently started work on the sequel to The Elderine Stone.  I hope that it should be available in 2014!  But I really need to motivate myself to reach this goal!

9) What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

Never ever give up!  Hopefully you write for others to enjoy.  Not everyone will like my writing; some will even greatly dislike it.  If one person likes, it and values the story then it has all been worthwhile.

10) Aside from writing, what are your passions? What do you hold close to your heart?

My family is very close to my heart.  I love them all truly, and have a great deal to thank them for. 

I am also a bit of a geek myself, and love films, books and computer games.  I am a bit worried that when the new Xbox One comes out, I will disappear from the literary world!

11) Where do you see yourself in five years?

Honestly, I would like to see the second and third Elderine Stone Books completed, and to have started work on a different book.

In conclusion, if you have read The Elderine Stone, share your thoughts with the person behind the book. He enjoys connecting with readers, so feel free to send him your questions or comments. If you would like to know more about Alan, visit his website at you can find him on Twitter @AuthorAlan.

Thank you for reading, friends! Until next time……………………

3 thoughts on “Interview #3 with Alan Lawson”

  1. I am truly excited about a new series for the first time in a while after reading this. Hasparia sounds like a land I could lost in. I’m off to Alan’s page now. Thank you Marlena.


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