Interview #4 with LaDonna Marie

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Today, for our forth interview, we have LaDonna Marie joining us. She will be discussing her two poetry books that are filled with inspiration and encouragement. Another must for your book list! Below the interview, you will find the websites to connect with this talented writer. Enjoy!


1)  You began writing at an early age. What are your earliest memories of those writings?

The earliest I remember was about 12 years of age. This was the time in m y life; I first started to learn to express my voice through journal writing and then later turned into poetry. I mostly wrote about life experiences, I had interest in exploring, such as love, pain, and anger.


2)  What part of writing do you find most exhilarating?

I actually love the entire process– the instant thought, the development of the poem through creative expression lastly finished product and the message. When I write poetry, be it a love poem or an encouragement poem, I know and feel deep inside that it is being written for someone’s eyes in the world that need to see or read.


3)  What, in your opinion, makes you unique in your writing?

To me what makes my writing unique is the being able to feel heart and compassion in the words. To me I feel as individuals read my poetry there are teachable moments and relatable moments.  I am always so touched when people say they are inspired through reading my poetry.


4)  What brought you to publishing books of poetry?

I began writing when I was young, as a child I was observant, and inquisitive.  So I kept the dream of writing, publishing and becoming an author with me for 17 years and finally decided to write. Some of the triumphs I face, growing older as a young child, who struggled with self esteem issues, never thinking I was quite good enough and then God took me under his wings. I started entering contest and I became a part of The League of American Poets in 2007, in a collective anthology called Whisper. It made me focus on my poetry and that my words were important to give to the world, so I started researching publishing in 2010 and finally decide to more forward with publishing.I felt as if God gave me this gift to help to others through my poetry. I felt it was only right to publish and put my words out into the atmosphere.


5)  You have two works—“Expressions of the Mind, Body, & Soul” and “Until Tomorrow Comes.” What inspired the poetry in each book?  

True story…I had almost lost my writing in Hurricane Katrina in 2005, to several water damage, so shortly after I made up my mind to but my words in a book.

With my first book Expressions, it was just that explosive expression of emotions. I wrote poetry about all aspect of life and things that I was perplexed about. This is a book of collective poetry that talks about love, relationships, spirituality, and encouragement. I started writing to put a voice to issues that I felt needed to be expressed. My motto is “poetry is an outlet for the heart”.

The second poetry book will be a journey of awareness. In the book from beginning you start being lost in love, relationships, deception, lies, hurt, and pain. Then you move to seeking spiritual help, growth and relying on your relationship with God to clarify your path. Finally you let the old situations go and positively move forward, knowing you’re not perfect, but you aspire to be. In the end self-esteem and God enable you to arrive at the place you need to be.


6)  What do you hope readers gain from your words of inspiration?

I would hope for the readers to gain insight and enlighten. In writing this book my focus was on how different but similar our walks of life are. That no matter if it is love situations or life stumbling blocks, we all go through something that may slow you down, but you have to choose to see it as a growing spurt, thus choosing to be positive.


7)  Are you currently working on any projects?

Yes right now I’m working on about two more poetry books, and a Youth for Christ Conference to provide positive community outreach. I am also promoting and marketing my new book through being a guest blogger, and  author interviews on blog talk radio.


8)  Have you thought about working outside poetry?

Yes, I have always wanted to write a novel. I started to journal down all the information that I would like to go into the book. I would like to take a close look into my spiritual path and how to overcome.

9)  What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

I would tell all authors to write, research, and write some more.  To take time to do the research, review what worked for others and develop a plan to how you would like to accomplish your goal. I would also say it is very important that if you have a dream to always believe in yourself first and set out to fulfill your dreams.


10)  When you’re not writing, you spend time sharing your talents and encouraging young teens. This is quite an admirable trait. Will you tell us about your experiences?

Encouraging has always been one of my strong suits, I also feel as a writer that I have to give back. As a child I dealt with an internal struggle of thinking I wasn’t good enough. Externally if you knew me you would have never any issues. As a child not being able to positively express my issues, I started to write and just journal feelings. Speaking to the Youth is my way of helping them to identify unhealthy growing patterns and encourage seeking positive change. I try to bring awareness of current life situations that we all go though. I believe we all are on a journey and some of us gain knowledge and wisdom to share with others. Like the old saying to try not let everyone learn the hard way. I have sincerity in my heart so sharing experiences will help them to start moving in a direction of growth.


11)  Where do you see yourself in five years?

In Five Years I will be the CEO of my on company providing community outreach and services. Also  Best selling Author & Keynote Speaker of a number of my books on personal growth and awareness.


12)  Anything else you would like to add for the viewers?

I would like to thank you and them for this opportunity. I would greatly appreciate if they would check out my new book Until Tomorrow Comes.  Let’s move forward and encourage through one hug, one kind word and one smile at a time.


Thanks for stopping by! Until next time………………

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