Weekly Review #20

Good day, bloggers! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Here’s to an awesome week!  🙂


Not much to report. I do have my first event in the process of planning. A 15-year class reunion. Its actually for my husband  and his best friend. We have several ideas flowing and I am pretty excited about it. I also started the hiring process. Well, as much as one can do via facebook. I’m hoping to find a couple candidates that are willing to start off as volunteers. (I’m offering my services as complimentary for the reunion. It is for family, after all.) And, hopefully, whoever I choose will be awesome enough to turn into more permanent employees. We shall see……


The Colors of Friendship by K.R. Raye revolves around three friends as they adventure through college. Melody is quite the romantic, waiting for her prince charming. Imani is all about her education, succeeding, and landing that dream job. Lance’s priorities are football and his girls–Melody and Imani.

Melody meets her potential prince and things move quickly in their relationship, making things difficult between her and her friends. Only everyone doesn’t see what happens behind closed doors. Things aren’t always as wonderful as they appear or as we like to imagine they are.

Imani, always focusing on school, finds there may be more to life and more to a particular friendship. But is she willing to risk it or will her mind rule over her heart?

Lance may have one-night stands on a regular basis, but he’s definitely faithful when it comes to protecting his favorite ladies. When the time comes, and lives are on the line, will he make it in time?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Its well-written with very realistic, strong characters. The storyline, with both suspense and romance, keeps you intrigued and you’re left wanting more in the end. It touches on some very sensitive issues that we see in real life, especially in the college environment. We are often blinded by new love and Melody is definitely blinded and can’t see the seriousness behind what is an abusive relationship. Then you have Imani, who fights back any urge to make more of a good friendship. I believe most people can relate to that scenario. And Lance is the friend we can all hope for. Loyal, honest, and always there. The friendship the three share is heart-warming and one worth reading about.


Well, lovelies, that is all for tonight. I wish you a fabulous week.


And until next time…………………love & blessings

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