Interview #6 with Amanda Herps

Good day, bloggers! Welcome to another fantastic edition of Wednesday Interviews. Today, I am introducing Amanda. She has a motivational fitness blog that you will love! She has quite a way with words, making this interview both witty and inspiring. Its one you definitely need to check out! Below you will learn all about her and her blog. Enjoy!


1)  What are your passions in life?

My greatest passion is being a life leader to my four year old son, Harry. I love to guide him through this world with magic, humor, kindness and compassion. When I see he is sad at the plight of another human being, I feel for him and I know that I have touched his soul and that he will touch the soul of others with his greatness.

Quiet – I fight tooth and nail for peace, solitude and nature. These three elements help this introvert (INFP) recharge in a hectic and busy world. I even bought myself and Harry a lovely cottage in the mountains, surrounded by nature in order for us to abide with these three essential rules. Somehow I have a very extroverted child who loves to chat, so I give him as much energy as I can and then flop into bed, or the computer chair.

Helping others – while I may not be able to make much of a contribution to society with money or my time, I give wherever I can. If someone in a shop is kind, I will write a review for them and post it on their page. If I see a struggling blog, I direct as much traffic as I can to it. I am not good in person as I find it difficult to leave the house except for necessity, but online I am a super friend. In my opinion of course!


2)  What inspired you to create your fitness blog?

When I started out, it was just a way for me to keep a record of how I was doing and to share it with my family and friends. One day I shared it with one of the girls who is also doing the fitness course and she told me how awesome it was and I needed to share it with as many people as I could.


3)  Will you tell the readers about ASAP and working with former Olympian Ryan Gambin?

ASAP is a personal training program which stands for: As Strong As Possible, As Soon As Possible. It is a 12 week program in which we train with Ryan five days a week using weights and resistance training as our main form of punishment…Uh  I mean exercise.

Ryan is tough, he is super tough. When he swam at the Olympics he had trained himself, researched everything for his own knowledge, then went on to teach that knowledge to those who would learn. When he sees us struggling or not putting in an effort, he knows we can go harder and do more, because he has done it on his own and self-motivated to go harder and do it.


4)  What do you hope people gain and/or learn from your blog?

It started out quite humorous, so I was hoping it would give people a laugh. Somehow I migrated to more spiritual, inspirational and uplifting posts. I never intended it to be that way, when I read back through them the other day I saw the transition and said, ‘oh dear, I hope this doesn’t sound too preachy or boring to those who started reading it because it was funny.’ I hope they feel inspired and motivated to get out of the TV world and live. Death to all televisions I say.


5)  Many people have a constant battle with PTSD. How are you overcoming it?

I honestly don’t think I will ever overcome it. I long lost that hope as I was fighting a losing battle and drowning in a daily sea of despair. Now I am learning to live with PTSD and understand my moods, my inability to focus or concentrate for long periods of time. It is great to have friends who are compassionate and show me great strength. The women I am training with have their own life issues, but still manage to pump me up and make me feel normal..ish. I am grateful for meeting them every day. They were an unexpected bonus of the training.

I learned to co-exist with PTSD Anxiety through an epiphany I had during my hospital stay for a PTSD related incident. It felt like anxiety manifested itself inside me as an angry little dragon. It was red, it moved, it made me physically nauseas or sometimes vomit and unable to eat for days. When this anxiety dragon reared its head at me I tried to fight it with my ‘anxiety dragon killing sword’. It was a long Excalibur type of weapon. I would chop off the dragons head with the sword only to find that another head grew back, as well as the original head I had chopped off. So I was fighting my anxiety, or fear, with more anxiety and fear. Eventually I had a fifty headed dragon living inside me. And boy was he angry.

One day I was too exhausted to fight and I said (with real words) ok, let’s call a truce. I can’t do this anymore. I’ll accept that you live there inside me and you try not to overwhelm me too much.

As soon as I accepted that I would have anxiety….Well! What a weight was lifted from everywhere. No more furrowed brows, no sickness, no stabbing heart pains, no fear. My dragon lost most of its heads and I felt more peaceful.

When I felt anxiety coming on, I self-soothed and self-nurtured and said, ‘ok, I’m anxious, I’m allowed to feel anxious in this situation. It will pass as everything does. It is fleeting, just accept it, take it inside and show it compassion. Showing your anxiety compassion is such a raw and human thing to do and rarely used.


6)  It is evident through your blog that you have a way with words. Any future plans of going outside the blog?

I don’t know about a way with words, they seem to spill out of me and onto the paper as though we are old friends catching up for a chat. For a long time I used writing to escape from my seven brothers and sisters, I would paint my own world of peace and fantasy under the house or in a tree down the back. I want to write a book, I just haven’t found a topic that makes me want to sit at the computer for hours and dedicate time and attention to. So maybe one day in the future you will see me on the virtual shelves.


7)  You are quite the determined person and prove to do a great job of juggling your responsibilities. You have a little boy, who (I’m assuming) is at a very impressionable age. Out of all your awesome traits, what do you hope he gains?

Ha ha. I should have read all the questions first. I hope out of everything that he gains compassion. There is nothing in the world like a person who can show compassion for someone who dearly needs it. In some of my darkest hours his tiny face, contagious smile and overwhelming compassion have brought me back from the brink of despair. One day I was having a really bad panic attack, made worse by the fact that Harry had to witness it (I’d always managed to hide them until that day). I was holding his hand and he said to me with wide blue eyes, ‘mummy you could hold my hand, but I am only little, can you please hold it softly?’ It still brings tears to my eyes. He never saw me have a panic attack again thank goodness and they have since ceased since I realized that there are no dinosaurs anymore and therefore no need for my body to have that kind of reaction in this day and age.

8)  What motivates you and keeps you going during your fitness training?

All my clothes are a size 8 and I have a size 12 body, I need to keep moving or go naked.


9)  What is your advice for those wanting to start their own fitness regime?

One day, one thing. Start with as much as you can do. Action will eventually lead to motivation. If you can just start with buying gym clothes, that’s great. Then maybe take a walk outside in them. Spend a whole day in them. Then move. Do what you feel you can. Starting is all we can do.

10)  What is your favorite exercise, the one where you feel most accomplished?

Weighted squats. I had never done them until I started this program with Ryan. I am a lot stronger than I could ever have imagined I also really love to run in the trails or through the mountains. I hope to start that again soon.


11)  Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

I hope to be working from home in a successful online business the type of which I am yet to decide. It will involve writing of some sort though. I have trouble in the workplace. I can’t focus and I find it difficult to maintain positive relationships due to being fearful around almost everyone. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to go to a workplace job again. I would also really love to be a keynote speaker (I know, that’s reaching a little high) about my adventure with PTSD. I feel I could help people who may be near that decision to end their lives. I’m not sure how to start, but I am gathering a network slowly in the hopes that it may one day eventuate. I was an instructor for a long time and absolutely loved to teach and be in front of the classroom. It’s the only time I can talk passionately about a subject.


12)  Is there anything else you would like to add for our readers?

Hope, always maintain hope. It’s free and it’s contagious.


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed today’s featured guest. For more information on Amanda, visit her blog.


And until next time……………………love & blessings!




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