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Weekly Review #23

Good afternoon, bloggers!


Its that time again. Weekly review. And this week we are celebrating Thanksgiving. I cannot believe it! This year has absolutely flown by. I hate that the year is almost over, but I love getting together with the families for the holidays. It makes me so happy. There’s nothing (well, almost nothing) better than family time. Even when there’s drama, more so especially when there’s drama, it’s always memorable.

As per usual, my hobbies are suffering due to my full plate. I couldn’t imagine how things would be if I were still working a full-time job. I have no idea how I would manage. Although, I don’t remember ever being quite as busy as I have been this year. Let me just say. To all of you out there, working a full (or part) time job, maintaining your home, and taking care of your kiddos (spouse included), I commend you! You are absolutely amazing.

I’m anxious to get back to work on my screenplay. Beyond anxious! I haven’t worked on it in days, maybe even a week or so. I’ve been so busy with Christmas shopping, house work, and so on and so forth. I miss my daily writing. Hopefully though, (I know, I’ve said this before) I can get back into routine. The good Lord knows I need to get back to normalcy. Soon. Praying for soon!


For my review today, we have a wonderful novelette. Behind the Wax Seal by Loren DiGiorgi.

Sixteen year old Sarah discovers a letter with a 1942 postmark. Upon reading it, she learns it was written to her recently deceased grandmother from her dear friend, Mary. She became fascinated with the letter and the story behind it, written seven decades ago. Because of her fascination, she finds it necessary to learn more. To learn more about this letter and the friendship between her grandmother and Mary.

This was quite the novelette! I couldn’t stop reading it. Sarah’s interest in the letter’s history becomes the reader’s interest, almost to the point of obsession. You can’t help but want to know more. Aside from an amazing story, we get to see the importance of faith and beliefs, even seven decades ago. This story is truly a remarkable one and I think, as a writer, its even more intriguing. All because of a simple letter, this young girl’s life changed. Definitely worth the read!


I hope you have enjoyed your short visit to my blog. If you have any suggestions on blog topics, books, or featured guests, please let me know! I love hearing from my readers! Comments are very much appreciated.

I wish you and your family a very blessed, Happy Thanksgiving! I give you permission to eat entirely too much turkey, more than your share of casserole, and way too many sweets.


Until next time……………………………………………love & blessings!


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