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Interview #8 with W.M. Calloway

Good morning, lovelies! Here is another wonderful edition of Wednesday Interviews.

Up today we have Mr. W.M. Calloway. He is the author and creator of The Xenton Chronicles. And, in all honesty, after reading about him below, you will have no choice but to go out and buy his book! He has a way with words and immediately pulls you in. He has opened up a new world, a very exciting and intriguing new world. I’m certain that we will be seeing a lot of him and The Xenton Chronicles in the future. Tomorrow is the release date for the third book of the series—The Lost Heir. And this is where it begins……………

Tell us about yourself and how you came up with this extraordinary idea.

Being a superhero isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. You got the secret double life, there’s always people you need to please on both ends, probably some who want you dead, and then there’s the girl that you will never get. So why do it? I mean, I guess that’s what we all would go through if we were superheroes. I’m sure at one point in our lives we watched that one show or cartoon, or read that one book that sparked some kind of flame of fantasy that made us want to be the characters we admired. If not then you probably shouldn’t be reading this. Though, if you can agree then continue on. I guess I can say I’m like everyone else, average , mediocre, went to school, did what I was told to, stayed out of trouble, you know, the usual. I guess sometime around the age of 16 I asked myself “is this it? Is this all I have to live for? Waking up everyday only to repeat the same thing? There’s got to be something different!” I’m going to say it, I’m a HUUUUUUGE HUGE HUGE HARRY POTTER FAN!! Around the time of my confliction was around the time the movies were reaching their apex. I read the books, saw the movies, anticipated what would happen next in the series, and oh, did I mention that was the time I was becoming fond of books! I learned how J.K. Rowling literally used her books to escape from the horrors of this world and became a hero in hers. This was a woman who came from nothing but strived to be something and somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I could do it too. I wanted to be that superhero everyone watched on TV, that everyone looked up to. I wanted to make my mark in history, but how? I had no experience in writing, let alone a clue in how to write a book. But I could tell you that I have a very active, sometimes overactive imagination. But at the time, the stories I wanted to tell, the characters I wanted to create were locked up inside my head scratching to get free. I just didn’t know how to let them out.  Ever since then I looked for books that caught my attention, from Percy Jackson to I Am Number Four, to The Hunger Games and Divergent to The Mortal Instruments, even reading a few books from the Twilight series (not a big romance fan but the way Stephanie Meyer created her characters and mythology intrigued me enough to read New Moon.) These writers all had something in common, they took something they thought up and turned it into something people could read and enjoy. Creating a plot! Odds are, if you like something there are millions of people out there who like the same things you do. Though it didn’t stop there by reading books, I have my line up of TV shows I’m into. One of my favorites was Avatar: The Last Airbender. The main character Aang is the Avatar who is the master of all four elements. He must stop the Firelord from destroying the world. Yeah, simple task right? But that’s not the point. The point of this show was a 12 year old boy stepping up to the plate and taking on his duty as the Avatar to protect the world. Character development! Another example of this concept would be the ongoing Manga and Anime, Naruto. Same concept different story, both fighting for peace. So I watched these and other shows and as I watched them my brain began turning the cranks and my imagination went into overdrive. I like Superheroes, and odds are there are people out there who do too. So that’s what I decided to write about. But what would be the plot? Who would be my main characters? My villains? Would there be twists? If I decided to write a series what would the main plot be? What would be the name of my superheroes? Answering these and more questions sparked my curiosity with what I could do with this. This was my world, I could create anything I wanted. Concepts on superpowers, villains, how characters would interact with each other, hell I could create alien werewolves if I wanted to (spoiler alert, I did :)) and that’s when the word Xenton suddenly popped into my head. But these heroes wouldn’t wear tights, or have capes, or wear masks, they would wear armor that would dress their bodies at will. And on and on and on the ideas kept on flowing in from origin stories to alien werewolves attacking the planet Earth, to hunting bounty hunters, to of course, saving the world. One by one I created characters, both heroes, villains and supporting ones alike and gave them their own unique personality in which they could act within my own world. Thus The Xenton Chronicles was born. Honestly, finding a suitable title was the worst. Then again, that came after I wrote most of book 1. And then I was off. December of 2007 I began writing. Took up 3 notebooks and completed the manuscript towards the end of 2008. Over 400 pages of complete awesomeness (don’t say I’m conceited. I’m sure if you wrote something, a book, a play, music you would think the same thing. This is my baby. So don’t judge me!)  The Xenton Chronicles: The Jenshia Star was complete and ready to be published, or at least finding a publisher, which any self published author would tell you is the hardest thing to do. But my brain was still in overdrive. I took about a month’s break and then I got to work on book 2. Mind you, the final plot differed from the original plots for books 1 and 2. I started writing book two in Fall of 2008 and by February of 2009, The Xenton Chronicles: The Invasion of the Coalts was finished. Still I was waiting on the response from agencies who would represent me and my work. Sadly none complied. So what did I do? Wrote some more!!! By Spring of 2009 I was well on my way to writing book 3 The Xenton Chronicles: The Lost Heir. Staying up into the late hours of the night typing away when there was school the next day was my lifestyle for the next 4 – 6 months of my life. This was book 3, the turning point of everything Xenton. I needed to make sure everything was on point, the plot was solid. At this point I needed to make my character development clear to the audience. That my characters were changing, growing older, thinking about their futures while at the same time the main plot thickening and I wouldn’t rest until that was done. By January of 2010, The Lost Heir was done. Excited about book 3 and getting it ready to leave my computer I looked into self publishing and by my own hand got books 1 and 2 published. Not bad, though I had no idea what I was getting myself into but more about that in another blog. Book 3 will leave fans on a huge cliffhanger so writing another book was of course implied. But how would I tie up those loose ends? I took about a 3 month break to think about what I was going to do. I needed new concepts, new characters, an epic final battle and a huge resolve. Since book 3 changed everything in main story, book 4 would have to honor that change. In Summer of 2010, the writing of the last and final installment of the Xenton Chronicles was under weigh, and yeah it was a lot. I’m pretty sure when this becomes a movie the producers will have to separate the book into two films. I wrote book 4 through summer of 2010 into 2011 and finished the story in spring of 2011. It was done, the series was finished. And now two years later there is a faint whisper about the Xenton surfacing that’s soon to become an uproar in the next 2 to 3 years. With book 3 already making Twitter headlines and taking social media by storm it’s sure to make a big flame when it is released November 28th 2013. And if you like book 3, then book 4 (TBA) will sum it all up for you. Is there more after book 4? Probably. Will you see the Xenton again? Most likely. But like all fans you’ll have to wait and see! 🙂 If you liked what you read then go grab a copy of my books and tell all your friends about the Xenton! Tell me what you think!

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After that kind of response, it was hard to ask a follow-up question. There is one more thing that I like to ask all authors. Whats your advice for aspiring writers?

For other aspiring writers I would tell them never give up on your dreams and ideas. You may never know, your creation can very well be the next superman, power rangers, Avengers, who knows? The next big idea is in a story, concept, or universe that has not been written yet and can be the next craze. Just look at the world today. At one point everyone was talking about Lord of the Rings, then Harry Potter, then Twilight came into the picture followed by Percy Jackson and now everyone is all hyped for The Mortal Instruments, while The Hunger Games are owning the movie theaters. If you have an idea for a story, a comic book, movie, music, you give that concept birth and protect it like it’s your baby, your child. Nourish it and keep on feeding it because one day that baby will be a full grown phenomenon than can and will take the world by storm.


IMG_20131119_121416          1382039150091          IMG_20131125_180120

How awesome are these book covers? After reading about this incredible author and how he has created this world, aren’t you tempted to check out his books? And when you do, cause I know you will, do the author a favor and review them. Reviews mean a lot to authors. They appreciate feedback. Like anyone else, they need to know they’re doing a good job.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I know I sure did! Join us next week for another awesome interview.

Until next time…………………………Happy Thanksgiving!

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