Weekly Review #24

Good morning, bloggers!


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. What have you been thankful for this year?


Our holiday was great, busy as usual. It was nice though, seeing all the family and making more memories. My favorite part of the holidays. The hubs and I took part in Black Friday, even though I’m kinda against the whole concept of it. Especially now that they have moved it back to Thanksgiving Day. I think that’s crazy. They’re starting to take away from the meaning, what its all about. BUT………there were some good deals out there and Chad really wanted a new tv. So that’s why we shopped. All of our Christmas shopping is done now. And I think that’s a first for me. Having everything bought BEFORE December.


Anywho, my time has still been devoted to housework and holiday prepping. Which means I haven’t got any writing done. <— Not a big fan of that, but its my own fault. I’m just too busy. Or at least I try to pack in waaaay too much during my day. I can’t complain too much, though. Being able to stay at home instead of working a mundane full-time job is wonderful. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have the opportunity to get so much done. I just don’t always complete my to-do list. Who does???


Today my book review is for a historical romance novel.

A Family Affair by Jennifer Wenn is about Lady Francesca Darling, who has the chance to be reacquainted with a past love, Devlin, the one from when she was a mere five years old. They meet again at her debutante ball and she finds that her feelings are stronger than ever. To her surprise, the feelings are mutual. Only they both have different ideas for a happy marriage.

This is a wonderful novel. The characters have unique & realistic personalities. Francesca is strong and independent and works hard to make things happen. She has a lot of devotion and love to offer, coming from such a large family. Devlin is more of a stubborn character, coming from a harsh childhood, and seems to think he knows what’s best. Despite their differences in opinion, they have an amazing connection, that is heartfelt. The story has passion and romance and even drama and humor. It’s an enticing read, one that I couldn’t put down.




On a final note, I want to touch on a sad and devastating subject. A lot of comments have been made about the passing of Paul Walker. Personally, I thought he was quite the actor. The world lost a very talented and big-hearted man. I would just like to say that it truly breaks my heart. He was one of the good guys, one of those that actually cared and did what he did for the right reasons. He was a great man with the best of intentions. He participated in charity work, which says a lot about him. I have read several posts and tweets by his fellow actors and they all have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. My heartfelt prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends. This will be a very difficult time for them and they will need all the prayers they can get. As hard as it is to accept sudden changes like this, it helps to know that there is a bigger and better purpose that goes beyond anything we can comprehend. If what people have said is true, then I have no doubt that he has taken his place as an angel above us and he will be watching over his loved ones.



I know this goes away from my normal post. But, for some reason, this has been on my mind. I felt it important to get my thoughts out there. I do pray for others, those that are sick or scared or hungry or lost. I pray for our troops and their families and I pray for our country. I have a lot to be thankful for and I know how blessed I am. I wish I could give back more than I am able to. Sometimes prayer is the best thing one can do. If you need prayers, ask. I strongly believe in the power of talking to our Heavenly Father. I think things can happen and things can change with your words. Its all about Faith, people.



Well, until next time………………………my sincere love & blessings!  🙂


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