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Weekly Review #27

Good morning, lovely bloggers! It’s the week of Christmas! Still am in shock at how quickly the time has flown by.

The last few days, weather wise, have NOT felt like Christmas. However, today is a different story. Its cold & dreary. Even though I know thats not exactly desirable weather, its the weather you usually get around here with Christmas. So it finally feels like that time of year. We’ve already had two Christmases, only five (possibly six) to go. Tis the season!  🙂  I sincerely hope you and your family have a very blessed and merry Christmas. Enjoy your time, hopefully, off work.

This will, most likely, be my only post this week. Just a warning. Since Christmas is Wednesday, there will not be an interview post. There is one scheduled for next week, though. I’m taking the week off from the online world. Well, as much as I can! I hope you do the same.

One small update about my event planning business. I received a few gifts that will greatly help me, including the walkie-talkie headsets I wanted. I was so excited to open those. The headsets are an essential part for the event itself. Perfect for easy & dependable communication with my employees and even the vendors. Plus its one less thing I’ll have to worry about purchasing!


Onto the reason I’m sure most of you are here for. I have two reviews for you. Both are delightful novellas. Enjoy!


The Appleton House by Nicole Castro. This novella is about Ashe, who won the bid to remodel the bathroom of the Appleton House. Ashe is the type of guy that always gets what he wants, including women, especially women. He’s arrogant and even refers to himself as a jerk. This new remodeling gig is a dream job, complete with room and board. He has the pleasure of meeting his employer’s two attractive daughters. One of which that is still in high school, but that doesn’t stop her from attempting to seduce Ashe. The second daughter, Perry, is older and has caught the attention of the new guest. To his surprise, she is engaged but he quickly realizes that her fiance may not be the man she really wants or needs. Ashe, in his usual egotistical manner, thinks he’s the man to satisfy her womanly needs. Only Perry turns out to be more, and mean more, than he anticipated. He is left with a tough decision regarding this engaged beauty, to act on feelings or not.

I adored this book! It’s a quick, enjoyable read. The storyline flows and the characters are dynamic. I especially like the chemistry between Ashe and Perry. Ashe comes off as an arrogant typical male, but we get to see his softer side too, which is heartwarming. Perry is a spunky, honest, and caring young lady that also melts your heart. Put the two together and you have quite the match. This story is full of passion that will leave you wanting more. I would definitely give The Appleton House 5 stars. It’s deserving in every way!


Kissing Santa by Aithne Jarretta is a delightful short story. Lily Johnson travels home for the Christmas holidays. A storm hit the little community, interfering with the holiday traditions of Santa delivering gifts. Every year the firemen spread Christmas cheer by visiting the children and families of the town. One particular fireman, Christopher Crin, is the one person Lily finds herself worrying about during the storm. Being an old flame, she is hopeful but also dreads a potential reunion.

This is such a cute story! The magic of Christmas, combined with love and hope, will make any story enjoyable. And that’s exactly what you have in Kissing Santa. The only downfall is it ends too quickly. You can’t help but want more from this dynamic duo.


Until next time……………………………………love & blessings & Christmas cheer!


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