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Interview #14 with Doug Balmain

Welcome, welcome! Do I have a treat for you?!? Today’s featured guest is a man of many talents. He’s a songwriter, a musician, and a performer. We will be learning about his inspirations, his influences, and his latest video (which is awesome by the way!). So sit back, enjoy, and meet Doug Balmain.

1)  When did you decide you wanted to pursue a music career?

I decided to pursue music as a career about 3 years ago. I was working on a ranch up in northwestern Wyoming at the time and I had just started writing and performing my songs. It was so liberating, it pushed me to think and to get better both as a writer and as a person. Once I recognized that, I made the decision to pursue music.

2) Who has helped influence this path?

Outside influences did not play much of a role in my decision to pursue music, however, once I made the decision to become a professional singer/songwriter I was, and continue to be, influenced by quite a number of people. From a musical standpoint, there are many songwriters who I look up to and am influenced by: Ed Roland, Evan Felker, Justin Townes Earle, Ryan Tedder, and Dave Simonett to name a few. Also, I have received an incredible amount of support from my family and fans which has pushed me and motivated me to create and to pour my soul into my music.

3)  What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?

That’s hard to say, each accomplishment is very special to me in its own way. They seem to all be a necessary part of a progression that leads to the next accomplishment. If I were to pick though, I would have to say the production and release of my debut album was the biggest milestone thus far.

4)  Where do you get your inspiration from when writing?

Life experience is the driving force behind my writing. I write and sing only about what I know, typically about challenges I have faced. I think that is why I have such a dedicated and growing fan base, my music is very easy to relate to as many of us face similar challenges.

5)  You have an awesome music video, “I’ll Lay Down in the Rain.” Is there a special story or inspiration behind this song?

Definitely, just as I mentioned above, my work comes from personal experience. “I’ll Lay Down in the Rain” is a very special, and somewhat troubled song. Without going into detail, it was a product of a very extreme scenario I faced. I think that is why it has such a unique sound and impact; it came from a place that I could never have reached through thought or deliberation alone. I didn’t mean to write it, it just came out.

6)  Apart from writing, singing, and performing, you’ve played the guitar since the fifth grade. Do you have any other talents or is there anything you’re planning to add to this impressive list?

Nothing that I would call a talent, I have things I like to do when I find the time though. I really like to cook.

7)  What is your favorite part of the music industry?

The places it takes me and the people I meet are probably the best part of the industry. If I weren’t in the music industry I probably would never go most of the places that I go, and consequently I wouldn’t meet all the people that I do either. It’s a constant adventure.

8)  What advice would you give to someone performing for the first time?

I would tell them to be confident in themselves and their work and don’t worry about pleasing everyone. Just go out there and give them what you’ve got to give; not everyone will like it, but there are plenty of people who will love you for it.

9)  If you had the opportunity to perform with anyone, who would you choose?

I’d love to play with ‘The Stones.’

10)  What can we expect from you in future projects?

I’m moving away from the full band sound for the time being, I’m actually working on a new, solo EP right now. My writing and my sound had changed dramatically since the release of my debut album “Troubled Mind.” This next release is going to bring my fans much closer to the writing and the music; it’s very intimate and very raw.

11)  Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

In five years time I hope to be a household name in the ‘songwriter’ world and an established theatre act. Stadiums and event centers don’t hold much appeal to me, nor do the bars and honkytonks. I love those smaller, intimate shows; if I can make my living playing 500-1000 seat theatres I’ll be a happy camper. I actually played my first sold-out theatre show last Friday, so I think we’re well on our way.

12)  Is there anything else you would like to add for the readers?

I’d just like to thank all my fans and everyone who has been supporting me thus far. It goes without saying that I couldn’t do this without you all.



Isn’t he fantastic? I sincerely hope you enjoyed today. I certainly did. Do yourself a favor and go check Doug out. Find the links below!  🙂


Until next time…………………………………………

4 thoughts on “Interview #14 with Doug Balmain”

    1. It was my pleasure, Doug! I’m thrilled you were able to ‘stop by’ and share with my followers.

      Talent like yours should be shared!


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