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Interview #15 with Christy Newton

Good evening, bloggers. I have a wonderful interview for you today. We have another talented author that has agreed to give us a second appearance–Christy Newton. Much to both our delights! We find out more about her writing inspiration and writing talents. So, as usual……Enjoy!


1)  Where do you find inspiration for new stories?
Everywhere! TV, music, something someone says, anything can trigger a new idea. Once you’re an author, your brain never rests.


2)  How do you create such dynamic characters?
I like to think my characters create themselves. Once I have a name, a vivid person comes into mind with real characteristics.


3)  What part of the romance genre do you find most exciting?
Hard to narrow it down. But, I love the emotion romance evokes from the readers.


4)  You’ve already received rave reviews for the final installment of More than Treasure Series. How did it feel putting the last and final spin on something you clearly worked hard on?
It was bittersweet. Simon and Cammie are a part of me and always will be, so I wanted to do them justice and give them what I saw as their perfect happily ever after. As much as I would have liked to just keep writing about them, I know that series can become stale after too many. I wanted them to still be fresh in the readers’ minds.

Treasured Hearts Cover


5)  What did you learn from writing this 3-book series?
I learned that, for me, 3 is a good number to have in a series.


6)  What’s next on your list for your devoted readers?
Lots to come! My Love Again Collection is another 3-book series. Begin Again is out, Trust Again will be released 2-2-14 and I hope to have the last book come out in the summer. I also have a single-title, fun contemporary romance coming out 4-4.


7)  What has been your biggest accomplishment as a writer?
Getting published of course! And I got an awesome review of Begin Again by Library Journal. “Newton[‘s] . . . knack for developing a strong hero and heroine whose love story, with its mild romantic scenes, quickly immerses the reader. A sweetly charming read.” –Library Journal


8)  What authors and/or books have inspired you along the way?
Janet Evanovich and Erica Spindler are two that stand out.

I hope you enjoyed today’s featured guest. Show you’re appreciation by checking out Christy’s latest novel, or if you haven’t yet, get the whole series! You can also catch her online at the sites listed below.

The whole series is available in ebook or paperback:

Until next time………………………………………………………………

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