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Do you believe in ghosts?

Good morning, lovelies!!

I hope you all are doing well. It’s a little cool here in Alabama, but the sun is shining beautifully.

I haven’t quite got the hang of my new blogging schedule, which is ONE of the reasons I missed this past Friday. My apologies! This week, though, I will have three posts…this being number 1. Wednesday will be an interview with an awesome author, JH Champine. And Friday will be my (supposed to be) usual Weekly Review, which will have two book reviews.

As most of you know, my blog posts often consist of reviews and updates on my business & writing. Well, I’m taking a time out for a minute. I want to explain the MAIN reason I was absent on Friday. Maybe someone can make sense of what I’m about to dive into.

Allow me to begin with a back story………We have lived in this house for almost two years now. From the first week we moved in, I’ve noticed odd occurrences; the first being a small child’s scream that sounded like it came from the garage. Okay, let me be clear about something. I like the IDEA of ghosts and hauntings and such. I’m actually fascinated by the stories. Part of me has always believed in that sort of thing, but another part of me is a skeptic. My husband is a complete skeptic. That being said, whenever something strange or unexplainable happens, we both are quick to come up with a reasonable explanation. I mean, who wants to think their house is haunted???

These ‘incidents’ that seemed to frequently happen (sounds of someone walking, odd floor creaks, etc.) weren’t so frequent anymore. This was up until a few months back. Hubs heard his first strange noise of someone walking behind him, while he was sitting on the couch. Of course, we dismissed it. Around this same time, I was at the sink in our kitchen when I heard and saw the glimpse of Chad — so I thought — walk quickly by the doorway. When I asked what he was doing in such a hurry, I heard him holler ‘huh’ from our bedroom closet in the opposite end of the house. That one was a little hard to explain.

In relations to our four-legged child that lives mostly in our backyard, within a fenced-in area……She’s been acting extra jumpy lately. We’ll hear her barking and, upon investigation on our part, we find nothing. On one occasion, I discovered what appeared to be footprints on the side of the house (within the fenced-in part). This was extremely weird because Harli is a very protective pooch. Again, though, we made up an excuse, claiming Harli just made some weird tracks. Well, similar footprints have been found two additional times.

Okay, now to the whole point of my story. Let me paint you a picture. It’s Friday morning. I’m sitting at this very computer in our dining room. I am a matter of feet from the front door. All doors and windows closed up, no TV, no radio. I was rather enjoying the silence. I hear two *distinctive* male voices. I brush it off. Minutes later, I hear a more mumbled version of voices, along with the shuffling of feet. I look towards the front door and see shadows dancing on the wall. So, no big deal. Someone’s at our front door. They didn’t knock or ring the doorbell, so it’s probably one of those guys that works for one of those rental places that’s going to leave one of those flyers in our door. BUT since I’m a female and alone at home, I’m cautious. I look out the window that is directly behind me to see if I recognize the vehicle. Only, there is no vehicle. Nor do I see anyone on the front steps. That whole paranoia thing creeps in. Is it burglars? Is it the creepy neighbors that moved in awhile back? Is it someone playing a very mean joke??

So what do I do? I sneak into my bedroom, get out my weapon of choice (I’m from the south!! And it’s only a small knife.) I look out my closet window. Again, I see nothing. I quietly walk back to my front door, waiting to see if I hear anything else. Nothing. So I peek out the window by the door and find…You guessed it. Nothing! I think…I’m being silly. It was someone with a flyer. I open the door. No flyer.

Meanwhile, I have text my across-the-street neighbor, explaining what’s going on. After I secure my front door, I decide to check on Harli, who is just chilling in the backyard, enjoying the sunshine. Not a care in the world! Because I’m still freaked out, I close and lock the back door and walk back to the bedroom closet. Surely, I’ll at least see a vehicle or something now! I get to my closet window and, again, find nothing strange. This is when my neighbor comes out on her front porch to see if she can see anything.

What does she see? Harli. Looking as if she has been forced into a corner. Ready to pounce. But wait! I JUST LOOKED OUT MY BACKDOOR. As you can guess, I was completely freaked out. And, because I know you’re wondering, we never figured out what was going on. While talking on the phone to hubs, I walked out front to see if I saw anything down our road. And, of course, found nothing out of place. My neighbor came over, kept me company, and nothing else happened.

This unusual incident caused my day to be a little off-schedule. I think you can understand why. Right? So…do you have a story of strange happenings? I insist you share! PLEASE tell me I’m not alone! Or just plain crazy!!

Now, I would hate to end on such a wretched note. Instead, I’ll leave you with a review.


As you can tell from the title, this is about Bonnie, whom others stereotype as a typical, not-too-smart blonde. In actuality, she is the daughter of two very intellectual parents—each having their PhDs—so some of the smarts rubbed off on her. She proves this point when meeting a wandering math genius, Rogan. Rogan is the leader of a group of some extraordinary ‘nerds’—called Maths that Stays. Because of this quirky group, Bonnie is introduced to a new world. Agreeing to join the group, however, turns out to be more than she bargained for.

This is such a wonderful read! The relationship between Bonnie and Rogan will make you smile. The pair couldn’t be more different in personalities, yet they find out how much they have in common as their fondness of one another grows. The other ‘nerds’ of the group, although some play bigger roles than others, are a delight, bringing a little spunkiness to the storyline.

The story is told through the eyes of Bonnie and is told on a very personal level, giving the reader a true sense of being there. The storyline flows nicely and, at times, puts you on the edge of your seat. Throughout the book, small twists will make you wonder how it will end. This is one that’s rather difficult to predict, which makes you like it all the more.

Until next time………………………………………love & blessings!!

9 thoughts on “Do you believe in ghosts?”

  1. You’re knife story actually reminds me of a similar occurrence in my book, Twisted. Lol. But it ends a little bloodier in my version. 😉 Luckily, you didn’t fall on your knife.

    We just moved into our new house this past summer. The previous owners told all their friends that the house is haunted. The whistling windows were an easy fix with some silicone. Gas leaks and loose pipes are other good things to get fixed!! Now that we’ve updated everything, my house isn’t haunted anymore. 😉 Hope you work it out!


  2. I do not have a ghost story, but, I have had similar experiences. Many years ago, I rented this house where I used to hear what I thought was my husband walking down the hallway when no one was there. And several times, during a light sleep (I had babies then, all my sleep was light), I would be awakened by the feeling of someone sitting on the foot of my bed.


    1. Oh, that’s so creepy!! I’m still unsettled by Friday’s events. I’m beginning to think my husband’s right and that I am crazy! lol


  3. Hi Marlena, I truly believe stuff like this happens all the time…you’re not alone. Probably the weirdest thing I’ve experienced (that falls under the realm of the supernatural) would be the occasional shadows I used to see years ago (in another house). I never felt threatened or anything, but every now and then I would see shadows out of the corner of my eye. What you’ve described sounds truly frightening! xoxo


  4. Hello ..

    Well considered this kind of weird things left you a topic for your post, a sort of biographical flash fiction… -So nicely penned that I must admit that it gave me jitters.. Creepy but worthwhile to experience !..

    Best regards, Aquileana 😉


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