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Featured Guest, Ike Pius

Good morning, bloggers!!! Welcome to today’s special guest post, featuring Ike Pius! I am so excited to have him stop by for a visit!!

As usual, sit back, relax and enjoy!!



Dear Reader,

It is a joy to be here to talk briefly about my book Bomber Boy: Rise of the Underwear Bomber.

First of all, I want to state that my book is inspired by a true event. Anybody who has a small idea of the goings-on in the world today, particularly as regards to terrorism knows that terrorism is a very sensitive matter. In fact, it is an issue that many prefer not to touch at all. But not me! I was intrigued with the subject, and when my home country became headline news because some guy  named Farouk Abdulmuttalab had
attempted to blow up a U.S. plane, I started to conduct my own investigation into terrorism, and why they do the things they do.

Young boys in my country are approached almost on a daily basis to join radical Anti-Western groups. These groups subtly imbibe the mind-set of suicide bombers into these boys. Bomber Boy highlights my
personal experience in the funniest way. Even though Bomber Boy is a satire it is not so funny as to lose focus on the seriousness of the issue.

For example, when Farouk came out from the Detroit Metro Airport, he has a very interesting conversation with a Caucasian cab driver. See if you agree with Farouk’s opinion of America.

Farouk made his way through the wide exit of the Detroit Metro Airport. There were a lot of taxis to choose from. Farouk selected one and calmly got in.

‘Where to?’ The White gentleman at the steering wheel inquired, already moving the car.

‘Take me to the poorest part of town, where a poor guy like me can easily blend in.’

‘That has to be Brightmore. But I wouldn’t go there if I didn’t know my way around.’

‘And why is that?’ Farouk questioned.
‘It’s ***-damned Somalia down there,’ the man said, raising his eyebrows as if to emphasize his point.

Farouk smiled. ‘Then perhaps that is where the U.S. should be spending her money, instead of Iraq….Anyways, thanks, but I think I can manage.’

‘Don’t say I didn’t warn you,’ the man responded, and then proceeded to mind his steering wheel.

After a few minutes of examining Farouk through the mirror, the driver decided that there was more to the young man sitting behind him.

‘So what’s a guy like you doing in a place like this?’ The driver asked.

‘I am a writer.’

‘Looking to dig up some dirt about America, huh?’

‘Freedom of information. I believe you’ll find that somewhere in your constitution.’

The driver scoffed. ‘Yeah. Something like that. Together with freedom of movement, freedom of association… marriage… a lot of nonexistent stuff.’

‘Nonexistent stuff?’ Farouk chuckled, ‘I don’t think freedom of information is nonexistent here. You are just too used to it. Where I come from, you could go to jail just for talking about the government.’

‘Yeah? And what sort of place is that?’


‘No kidding! There are black people in China now?’

‘I was making a point, sir,’ Farouk Muttab said.

The driver nodded intelligently. ‘Yeah. Wouldn’t want to be in China…or North-Korea, or Sweden.’

‘Sweden? Why, Sweden is one of the best countries to live in!’

‘Sweden…Switzerland…Soviet… Something with an S. Terrible place, from what I hear.’

‘Soviet, maybe… Doesn’t exist anymore though.’ Farouk said.

‘Uh huh. Sounds like you travel a lot. Where are you really from?’

Farouk looked out the window for a few seconds. He sighed. ‘I am from Sudan- really,’ Farouk lied.

‘Oh… I guess that’s a tough place to live.’

Farouk nodded reflectively. ‘Tough place indeed,’ he said.



Bomber Boy redone Ike Pius
In Bomber Boy, Farouk is not just a villain, he is also a Hero. This is because he changes his mind, and decides to work for the FBI, even though they don’t trust him. But is it even possible for a Terrorist to “change his mind” and then work for the Government? Perhaps when it involves something he loves and wants to protect. To find out what it could be, pick up a copy of Bomber Boy!!

Surprisingly, if you check “Bomber Boy Ike Pius” on Google, you will find that for some reason I have been labeled a terrorist! How that happened remains a happy mystery.

I leave by saying a big Thank You to my host Marlena Hand for inviting me over, and to you for your time.

P.S. You may find me on twitter @ikepius.



I hope you enjoyed today’s featured guest. Curious about where his story is going and what will come of Farouk? Check out Bomber Boy today!! And, please remember…authors enjoy your feedback. So after you purchase and read Ike’s book, share your review!!


Until next time…………………………………Happy Reading & Reviewing!!!



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