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Crazy Little Thing Called Life…

Hello, awesome bloggers!!

Boy, have I been busy!! My blogging has really slacked. My apologies!! Allow me to quickly catch you up…

Because of things that I have going on right now (and because I feel like I’m not living in the right place to make it grow), I am stepping away from my event planning business. Do I want to do this? No. Do I feel it is necessary? Yes. So it’s pushed to the back of my mind. I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to make something happen, but now is just not the right time.

Rave Reviews Book Club is awesome and I know I’ve mentioned it several times before, but that’s only because I have faith in it and what it/we are doing for Indie Authors. We are almost at 500 members and we have been going through a lot of changes and improvements. If you haven’t checked us out, I HIGHLY recommend you do. And SOON!!

My life at home has had a big change. My mother-in-law had surgery last week and is now living with us until she gains her full strength back. This arrangement will probably last through the summer. We are gradually finding a routine between the three of us (MIL, hubs and myself).

My writing has also suffered, but I refuse to give up my goal!! If you missed my special #AmWriting post, do check it out. You might can offer your advice for us aspiring writers!  🙂


My reading is getting somewhat back to normal. Reading is such a wonderful escape. You get to run away with the characters and live in a world that you’ve never experienced. It’s my one vice that I refuse to ever give up. I have one review for you today and will hopefully get back to offering you more soon.


THE YOUNGER MAN by Dermot Davis

THE YOUNGER MAN is about Frances, who is approaching 40 and has already had two failed marriages. She has decided to no longer participate in the dating scene, allowing no chance for romance. Despite her plans, Frances encounters a young man, 14 years younger. What evolves between the two, leaves Frances with a difficult choice of whether or not to give love a chance.

THE YOUNGER MAN is a delightful story about learning to love again and opening yourself up to the unknown. We journey with Frances, seeing the story unfold from her view, as she struggles internally with emotion and reason. Although the story came to an abrupt ending (for me anyway), the author left it open to many possibilities. As readers, we get to imagine what’s in store for Frances. (Although, I’m hoping for a sequel!)

The characters each have a unique personality. Frances is witty and rather critical of relationships, always tending to over think things. Martin is sweet and awkward at times, but always honest. The other characters are equally intriguing and just as realistic as Frances and Martin, with a sometimes-too-honest mother and a very hostile daughter. The variety of personalities make for quite an interesting story.

With brilliant writing skills, the reader is entranced from page one. A comical romance that I believe many, especially women, could appreciate and even relate to. THE YOUNGER MAN, both compelling and heart-warming, is definitely worthy of 5 stars.

Thank you for your continued support. I think you totally rock!! And I look forward to our next visit together.  🙂


Until next time………………………………………………love & blessings!!!


4 thoughts on “Crazy Little Thing Called Life…”

    1. I completely agree, John! Definitely takes working out a routine, but it’s nice having her here. And I know she’s taken care of.


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