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Meet Jo Jenner…

Good morning, bloggers!

I have a treat for you! We have a very special guest today, JO JENNER! She  is a very talented author and a very supportive member of Rave Reviews Book Club. I couldn’t be happier to share the floor with a fellow member. So without further ado, here is Jo!


From Idea to Novel

I have often been told by people that they don’t know how I think up the ideas for my stories. I can honestly say neither do I. Sometimes they just pop into my head. Sometimes I will be given a prompt, for example a first line or a theme, as part of a competition. And sometimes I will use my own prompts, books with writers’ prompts and story cubes.

Then I write and see where the story takes me. Sometimes I come to a stop half way through and that generally means that it’s not the right time for that story. But most will continue and make it through to the printed page.

There has always been one story that has been dying to get out of me and that story is ‘Stripper of the Yard.’ Everything I have ever done with my writing has been to give me the ability to tell this story. I have had the synopsis in my head for six maybe seven years but I didn’t know how to add the flesh to the bones.

I went on a number of courses to improve my writing and started entering competitions and joined a writing group. Each month I produced a story and received critiques which I used to improve and develop my writing.

But still I hadn’t started putting pen to paper when it came to ‘Stripper.’ Then I discovered NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month and takes place every November. Around 300,000 people sign up to attempt to write at least 50,000 words of a novel. There is no editing and nothing you do is wrong. It is all about getting the words on the paper. This was finally my opportunity to write ‘Stripper of the Yard.’ By the end of the month I had a finished first draft, finally I was a novelist. Only I wasn’t.

Then the editing began. I had to fill plot holes, I had to make changes to things that didn’t make sense and I had to sort out my grammar and spelling. Some of it I did by myself and some of it I had help with. I found a great bunch of guys on a website called Scribophile. Everyone critique each others’ work. The whole system works on a points basis known as Karma points. For every critique you do of someone else’s work, you get points and once you have built up enough points you can post one of your piece and other people will critique it for you.

Scribophile has been amazingly helpful in shaping ‘Stripper of the Yard’ and it ironing out some of the foibles I have within my writing.

So finally almost two years after she first made it to the page ‘Stripper of the Yard’ is ready and will be released on 3rd August.

Want to find out more?

Check out my next post where I will be interviewing Jenny Cartwright, the lead character in ‘Stripper of the Yard.’


Author Bio

Author Photo

Jo Jenner started writing professionally at the age of 40 and hasn’t looked back since.

Jo still works as a certified accountant and manages to fit her writing in during evenings and weekends.

She enjoys writing short stories and a number of flash fiction stories have been published under the title of So the Feeling Shows.’

Always one for a challenge Jo took on the A to Z challenge in April 2014. This resulted in April Fool, which was written over 26 days in April, using a different letter of the alphabet for each chapter.

Jo lives with her husband on the south coast of England, her dream location, and says walks along the sea front always help generate story ideas.

Jo can be found on Facebook –!/jojennerauthor
Or twitter – @jojenner40
And regularly blogs on

Book Links
So the Feeling Shows
April Fool

Book Cover


I hope you enjoyed today’s Featured Guest. Show your support to Jo today! Check out her book and enjoy getting lost in another great read!!


Until next time………………………………………………Happy Reading!!

21 thoughts on “Meet Jo Jenner…”

    1. NaNo is amazing and the support you get from your local group really makes you feel part of a huge party. I do love to make it up as I go alone so if you like to plan it might but a little more stressful.


  1. Thank you ALL for stopping by and showing your support to this talented author!!
    Jo, I am so happy to have the opportunity to host you. I hope this tour has been a wonderful experience for you. I’ve seen some of the support you’ve received and it’s been awesome!! #RRBC rocks!! 🙂


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