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Better Parenting, Better Kids Blog Tour

Good morning, bloggers!!

Please help me welcome today’s very special guest, Nonnie Jules!! Nonnie is not only a talented author, but she is also the President of Rave Reviews Book Club. She’s an inspiration to everyone that crosses her path.

Nonnie is embarking on a two-week blog tour, presented by 4WillsPublishing. This week we are focusing on THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS, a wonderful parenting book that has received rave reviews!

TGMG on BN counter small pic

You can join Nonnie online:
Twitter: @nonniejules
Autographed Copies:

One last note, bloggers………do yourself a favor and DO NOT MISS a special Author Appearance on FACEBOOK by the one and only Nonnie Jules!!! Join us TODAY, 9/23, from 9am to 1pm CST, at We’ll talk with the author, ask questions, learn about the book, fight for book giveaways and have a blast!!

To find out more about Nonnie and her blog tour, visit or

Nonnie’s other books:



NJ Cover Design-1

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! I hope to see you on Facebook!!  🙂

Until next time………………………………Happy Reading & Reviewing

14 thoughts on “Better Parenting, Better Kids Blog Tour”

  1. Awesome blog Marlena! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Nonnie’s “Good Mommy” book when I first joined but I am having a blast following her blog tour and obtaining even more insider information. Congrats Nonnie! Thanks for hosting, Marlena! Your blog is awesome!


  2. Marlena, this is such a gorgeous blog and that is why I was so excited to be here today. You know, as in everything else, with parenting, you have to know better to do better. I hope everyone gets their copy of THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE… thanks to all who have taken the time to stop by with support!


  3. I didn’t find a place to comment on John’s blog, so I’ll put it here. You were speaking about no one telling you “no” as a child. I once (and I emphasize this word) babysat for a child whose parents were permissive. They specifically told me not to say “no” to their boy. Of course, he was the most fussy, annoying child. I can’t remember any more what he did, but “NO!” came out of my mouth. He looked startled, but then behaved the rest of the evening. 🙂


  4. Nonnie, even on the blogs I can’t leave a comment I am following your words with joy. This is such an important topic! Thank you so much for taking on this task. Very best of luck with your tour and your books. 🙂

    Mar, thank you so much for hosting Nonnie, today on your lovely blog :))


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