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Meet JH Champine…

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I have a very special guest today, JH Champine. She has a new book out, Treadmill Tales: The Hilarious, Ridiculous, Sometimes Mind Boggling Things People Do While Working Out, filled with 50 entertainingly awesome stories that you will love. And, just for you, we have the pleasure of reading one of those stories. Enjoy!!

Treadmill Tales Cover
Preemptive Training
People train for all sorts of things.  Sporting events, marathons, 5K runs, dance recitals, hot dog eating contests, even zombie runs.
If you’ve never seen or heard of a zombie run, you should take care of that.  Now.  Right now.  While I have never participated in one, friends of mine have, and it’s supposedly one of the best things on the planet.  I like my multi-day 50k walks, but a zombie run sounds like a blast.
By now you all should know that I’ve seen a lot of crazy things on the track, and the crazy factor is one of the reasons I love it so much.  People on the phone dressed for the office, newspaper readers, you have read it all by now, right?  While training, people do all sorts of various exercises while there; jogging, walking, walking backwards for hamstring work, etc.
I once saw a grown man skip around the track.  Trust me, it was as funny as it sounds. The fact that he had biceps the size of my thigh told me that whatever he does was working for him.  Skip away, my friend.
But even I get to see a new one from time to time, and it always catches my attention.  One day, I saw a man slowly jogging around the track.  Nothing unusual about that, except that his slow jog was in a zig-zag pattern.
He even had a good rhythm going.
Lap after lap, he continued like this for at least half an hour.  Most of us on the track gave him his space, largely because he was a walking landmine in the middle of everything.  I watched a few runners moving at a faster pace juke around him like a car commercial just to keep from ending up in a pile on the floor.
Now I know where stunt drivers train.
Of course, I found myself wondering what exactly he was trying to do.  Was he was trying to get in as many steps as possible with each lap?  Possibly.  I can only imagine he covered well over the standard distance that way.
Maybe he simply wanted a little variety in his view of the basketball courts.  They are fascinating.  Well… okay, I hope that wasn’t it.
But then it dawned on me.  Maybe, just maybe, he was training.  For what, you ask?
Escaping a charging rhino.
Makes perfect sense to me.  You never know when that sort of thing might happen.  I imagine that anyone who has actually been chased by an angry, huge, charging rhinoceros had the thought, “Man, I wish I was better prepared for this!”  That won’t happen to our zig-zagging friend.
Good for him.  That kind of preparedness may keep him alive one day.  At a minimum, all that training will keep him in shape.

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Treadmill Tales: The Hilarious, Ridiculous, Sometimes Mind Boggling Things People Do While Working Out
An Unsual Path

I hope you enjoyed today’s special guest! Please show your support to JH Champine. You have her social links and book links, so do help yourself!  😉
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3 thoughts on “Meet JH Champine…”

  1. Reminds me of the guy who grabbed and put on a pair of running shoes when he and his friend heard a lion crashing through the woods heading their way. “You think you can outrun a lion in those shoes?” his friend asked. “Not worried about outrunning the lion,” was the response.


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