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Meet Garrett Addison…

Good morning, bloggers!!

You all know how much I enjoy supporting fellow authors, especially when they belong to Rave Reviews Book Club. Well, allow me to present Garrett Addison – author, friend, supportive RRBC member. Please help me welcome him today on my blog.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!!  🙂


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No, I’m not a misogynist, but thank you for your email.

I love connecting with my readers, and on that front I’m assuming I’m no different from probably every other author.  I remember my first email from an ‘adoring’ reader fan, who inspired me to keep writing just because she’d enjoyed my work enough to go out of her way to ‘tell’ me.

Then came the hate mail.  Not a lot, but one was enough to make me see that sometimes writing, my writing at least, could hit a nerve.  The problem, it seemed, was that on reader thought I must have a sinister misogynistic agenda in my writing and I needed to be held to account for crimes against feminism and what must be an innate hatred of women.   My love of email from my ‘fan-base’ was a little shaken, albeit only temporarily.

For the record (and in response to other suggestions or insinuations from this email):

  • I don’t think women are the root of all evil,
  • I agree that men deserve to be the ‘bad guys’ in stories too, and,
  • I don’t think all women screw their way to the top.

For those who haven’t, yet, read ‘The Traveller’, it’s the story of family man struggling at the whims of an evil, yes female, boss.  It’s a revenge/regret/redemption story, but still, that my lead, male, character fantasises about revenge on a female has at least one reader thinking I’m the author of apparently seditious, anti-female propaganda.

It’s probably time I offered some explanation as to why.   Sorry to disappoint, but I didn’t deliberately set about writing a story with a sub-text to inspire men to rise up against female superiors.  So why the female boss?  The answer is simple.  Why not.

Did the evil boss need to be female?  No.  Could my story have worked if the boss was a ‘he’?  Sure.  It would have meant I had to remove, or at least moderate, the potential for a sexual element between them, but the crux of the story would have remained.

So why did I write a female devil boss and attract the resultant wrath of selected readers who think I did it purely because I hate women?  Simply because I think a female antagonist introduces more of an air of unpredictability to my unlikeable boss, and that’s what/who I conjured up.  Nothing more, nothing less.

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I hope you enjoyed today’s visit. I encourage you to show your support to this talented author during his special week as RRBC “SPOTLIGHT” Author. Feel free to visit his other blog stops by checking out the RRBC site. And don’t forget to check out his social sites and book links!


Until next time…………………Happy Reading & Reviewing!!!

14 thoughts on “Meet Garrett Addison…”

  1. Great post, Garrett! I get so tired of women playing the victim and wanting special treatment in the workplace. If you are as good as a man at your job and don’t get paid enough – go somewhere else to work. Find someone who WILL value your worth:) We determine our OWN worth. I, for one, find it refreshing that you have taken a twist on the traditional boss-overworked/sexually harassed employee. I look forward to reading it:)


  2. Another informative post. I have to tell you, I’ve had PLENTY of women bosses who were awful, most of them in fact. I was just mentioning that to a co-worker yesterday. We shared an anti-christ type of woman boss. It happens. You should be able to write about it. The person who wrote must think that only men can be portrayed that way.


  3. Thank you all for stopping by and showing your support to Garrett!! 🙂
    Garrett, so glad I had the pleasure of hosting you today. Come back anytime!!


  4. Wow–you must have written your characters really well to have gotten someone hot enough under the collar to send you an email about it! Love your response! Congratulations on your spotlight tour, Garrett, and very best wishes for your future successes. 🙂
    Marlena, thanks so much for hosting Garrett, on your blog today … I always love stopping by here 🙂


  5. Garrett,
    Well, at least she read your book! And its nice to see un-stereotyped characters. Women and men both can be the good guy and they can both be the bad guy!
    Glad you didn’t let it get you down for too long.

    Liked by 1 person

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