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#PayItForward – Day 2

Hello, bloggers!!

Welcome to Day 2 of Rave Reviews Book Club’s #PayItForward Week!!

It is my pleasure to shine a light on Author Staci Troilo, author of Contemporary Short Stories and Romance, Paranormal Romance and Mystery Novels. (Yes, I’m impressed, too!!)

Staci has 7 books posted to the RRBC site alone. So RRBC Members, you have plenty to choose from!!  😉

Let’s take a look at 3 of those…

book-1LACI & DELl

It’s been a year, and Laci Marks still hasn’t gotten over her break up with Del Keegan. She attends a New Year’s Eve party hoping to snap out of her ever-present funk, but the frivolity only upsets her more. Unable to navigate the crowd and retreat to the sanctuary of home, she slips out onto the balcony to avoid watching all the couples kiss when the ball drops.
But her private moment is ruined by someone joining her outside—Del.
Laci wants nothing more than to escape, but Del has other things in mind. Soft words and softer lips convince her to stay. And to try again. Thus begins a tumultuous twelve months of love and laughter, fear and failure. They still have the passion, but they also still have all the same problems.
Twelve months from their reconciliation, and nothing is resolved. If anything, Laci feels worse than ever. How many chances can she give their relationship before just giving up? And how many chances is Del willing to take on her?


Damien was a loyal warrior, killed in battle in 1203. Because of his true heart, he was given the option to pass on to his eternal reward or exist in another state of being as a protector… until the time came when he could resume living the life he’d been cheated of.
A soldier by nature, he chose the latter. Then he waited centuries—as a gargoyle—growing increasingly bitter about his choice.Then he sees her.
Rina is a hard worker and loyal friend. She just has the worst luck. One night, after saving her best friend from a violent assault, she finds herself at the attacker’s mercy. Then, out of nowhere, a savior comes and rescues her.
With only an angel to guide him, Damien must make the right choices to win Rina’s heart, or be forever damned as a grotesque mockery of the guardian he once was.


Dr. Royce Keller is no stranger to blood. As Chief of Emergency Medicine at Oakland Regional Hospital, it’s his job, his calling. To Royce, it is the very essence of life—what ties his family, his career, and his world together. Until he learns everything he believes is wrong.
Vanessa Keller has a secret she has kept hidden for almost two decades. It’s her burden, her cross to bear. To Vanessa, the truth is a choice—something best forgotten for the greater good of her family and their future. Until the day it comes back to haunt her.
A tale of family dysfunction, betrayal, heroism, and loss, Type and Cross is the story of one family’s journey from devastation to redemption.


About the Author (from
I grew up in Western Pennsylvania writing stories and poetry in my free time, so no one was surprised when I became a writing major in college. After receiving creative and professional writing degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, I went on to get my Master’s Degree in Professional Writing, and I worked in corporate communications until I had my children. Now I’m a freelance writer and editor living in Arkansas with my husband, son, daughter, and two dogs.

Follow Staci online:


Thank you so much for joining us today on Day 2 of #PayItForward Week!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store next!! Do your part by checking out the other #PIF posts on the RRBC website.

See you next time!!!

8 thoughts on “#PayItForward – Day 2”

  1. How fabulous to see Staci featured here. She’s a talented writer who knows how to tell an exceptional tale. I’ve read most all of her work and highly recommend her books. Right now I’m currently looking forward to the next release in her Cathedral Lake Series as well as her Medici Protectorate series!

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  2. Thank you all for stopping by! You’re support is awesome!! Staci, I hope you enjoyed your week. Lots of great posts on you!! 🙂 You’re welcome to visit anytime!


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