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#PayItForward – Day 3

Hello, bloggers!!

Welcome to Day 3 of #RRBC #PayItForward Week!!! Today, I am promoting and supporting Patricia Green!!! And I’m happy to do so!!   🙂

Patricia has been a Member of RRBC since earlier this year and she has been super supportive every step of the way!! The support she showers others with is absolutely amazing!!! To add to Patricia’s awesomeness, she joined the RRBC Governing Board around June. We’re lucky to have her!!

I’ll admit that Patricia’s Twitter feed is great with quotes and promotions and support. BUT, it’s her site that screams INCREDIBLE. This is where you find Patricia’s niche. This is where she promotes authors and books like crazy! Do yourself a favor and check out what her site has to offer. You’ll be happy you did!!


Follow Patricia online:



Thank you so much for joining us today and showing Patricia your support. Please continue to shower all of our awesome #PIF participants with incredible support. Together, we’re making a difference in the Indie Author World.


Until next time………

6 thoughts on “#PayItForward – Day 3”

  1. Thank you all for stopping by and showing your support to Patricia! Much appreciated!! 🙂 Patricia, I hope you enjoyed your time during #PIF Week!


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