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Today, I am sharing my blog with Author, Kathryn Bain. I am delighted to share about her and her book series. So, as always, please enjoy…

The Lincolnville Mystery Series
Fun Book Facts

It’s hard for me to believe that I published the first book of my Lincolnville Mystery Series back in 2010. I now have four Lincolnville Mysteries and six other novels and novellas. Time has flown. I thought it’d be fun to share with you ten little tidbits most people don’t know about the series.

1. The series began with a song by Toby Keith titled “God Love Her.” I liked the idea of the Bible with the motorcycle and the whole series took off from there.

2. All my heroes are inspired by a country singer:
The book Breathless has character Matthew Winters who is a take on Toby Keith himself.
Catch Your Breath stars Riley Owens who was inspired by Chris Young after seeing the video for his song “The Man I Want to Be.”
For the character of Ronald “Ransom” McNeely in One Last Breath, I needed a country singer who was in his sixties. It didn’t take much to figure out George Straight would be a handsome lead for the book.
Ty Davenport, who was inspired by country singer Lee Brice, is the hero in the latest mystery, Take Her Breath Away.

3. In Breathless, the original killer was actually the drug user who died half-way through the book. I didn’t see him as a very good stalker if he was hooked on drugs.

4. Lincolnville is a made up town in Georgia between Atlanta and Chattanooga. I had never been to north Georgia before I wrote the first book, so I just made up a town.

5. Readers liked Riley’s aunt so much in Catch Your Breath that they wanted a book for her. However, my publisher refused to publish One Last Breath because my hero and heroine are retired. They didn’t see a market for it, so I ended up self-publishing. Apparently, my publisher didn’t realize the number one organization in America is AARP.

6. I got the name Ransom, used for my hero in One Last Breath, from a guy who worked at my Tire Kingdom in Jacksonville. When I asked how he got his name, he told me his parents were “apparently flower children.”

7. I made Rayleene Davenport a photographer because my oldest daughter was a professional photographer when I started writing the series.

8. Some Christians consider the book Catch Your Breath “edgy” because my heroine is single and pregnant by a married man.

9. I had no intention of doing a story on Ty and Rayleen since they were already married, but something inside my head told me they’d have a good tale to tell. It was announced in One Last Breath they were separated, so that gave me the opportunity to reunite them in a book.

10. Two out of four of the books have won awards. Breathless, won first place in the Royal Palm Literary Contest and Catch Her Breath came in second in the Heart of Excellence Reader’s Choice Award. The other two have never been entered into a contest.

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed these fun facts about my Lincolnville Mystery Series. If you have any questions about my series, feel free to e-mail me at



I was born in Spokane, Washington, then immediately shipped to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where I lived until the ripe age of 19 when I graduated from North Idaho Jr. College. I then packed my bags and moved to Boise where I lived for two years until I could no longer tolerate the winter weather.

Once my toes hit the sand in Florida, there was no turning back. I have lived in Jacksonville for over 26 years where I am a Florida Certified Registered Paralegal. I have worked in the legal field for over twenty years specializing in guardianship, probate and estate planning. I am also the mother of two grown daughters.

My first book Breathless was released January 13, 2012. Since then, I have had six other releases. I enjoy writing mystery, suspense, and humor. I am what they call a hybrid author because I publish both traditionally with a publisher, and I self-publish.

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter – @kjbain



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6 thoughts on “Meet Kathryn Bain…”

  1. How fascinating, Kathryn that you create your characters from country singers!! I LOVE that as a country music lover myself. I would venture to say that most of our characters are formed around someone we either hate or love. 🙂 Great blog and it’s so great to meet you. Thanks for hosting, Mar!

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  2. Hi, Kathryn ~ nice to meet. The premises for your books sound interesting. When I read you “I liked the idea of the Bible with the motorcycle” I was hooked and intrigued from there. I’ll be looking into these. Best of luck with the series. It sounds like it is doing very well!
    Thanks for hosting Kathryn, Mar!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Kathryn. Just browsing through your blog and noticed that you specialize in guardianships. I just became a guardian to my brother who suffers from schizophrenia. I jumped in without knowing what I was doing and it took a toll.
    Your mind is quite busy with those ten little tidbits. It’s amazing where our creativity can come from and inspire our writing. Congratulations on your works!

    Liked by 1 person

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