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Meet Margaretha Montagu…

Hello, bloggers!

I am pleased to welcome fellow author & RRBC Member, Margaretha Montagu. This supportive member of the book club won a guest spot on my blog during the 2016 HOLIDAY TRAIN “BOOK TRAILER” BLOCK PARTY. Congrats to her!!!

Please help me celebrate this author, support her and promote her. Enjoy today’s post as we dive into the life of Author Margaretha Montagu.

I am a personal development coach as well as a writer of personal development books.  I am always advising my clients and readers to make lists of their strengths and weaknesses, so when asked for more information about myself, I thought I would follow my own advice:

My Strengths:

I am a medical doctor, although these days, I would describe myself as a “reformed MD.” I retrained as an equine-assisted experiential learning coach. My personal development workshops are co-hosted by six supersmart, utterly gorgeous and never-clean-for-longer-than-10-minutes horses. As we can only accommodate a small number of workshop participants a year, I started writing books to share my knowledge and experience. I wrote my first book, Horse Riding Confidence Secrets, in 2012. It has a very narrow niche market, so it has been selling happily ever since without me having to do anything to promote it.

This year, I wrote three more books, mostly putting the information and training I provide during the workshops in writing. French Women’s Confidence Secrets-The 7 Secrets of Supreme Self-Esteem for Women who want to live fulfilling, purposeful and prosperous Lives introduces several confidence-building hacks favoured by the assertive, independent and smart women of this country. Mindfulness and Meditation in the south of France discusses mindfulness as well as several alternatives to traditional sitting meditation, such as writing meditation, walking meditation, music meditation and working meditation. I wrote You ARE Good Enough: 10 Step Strategy to Stop Sabotaging Yourself in December last year. I give this book away free to subscribers to my mailing list.

I self-published all my books. As the last three have loads more competition than the first book, I had to master marketing my own books. My writer’s platform now includes a mailing list, a Twitter account (@EquineGuidedMD), a blog , a Facebook page, Margaretha Montagu’s Workshops and Books, a growing collection of Pinterest boards at Margaretha’s Muse and a LinkedIn profile.

My Weaknesses:

I am addicted to Scottish butter tablet. It is a type of fudge – so sweet that if I eat more than three pieces at the same time it makes me sick. The only reason I do not weight 30 kg more than I do, is because I live in France for a large part of the year and you can not buy butter tablet here.

I am obsessed with singing, as in opera. I sing. Maybe not opera yet, but I am taking weekly lessons from a famous locally-resident soprano, Cécile Fornerod, in the hope of eventually being able to sing some of my favourite pieces, like the Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen. In the meantime, I sing in a couple of local choirs and I enjoy it enormously.

I am one of those thoroughly despised dressage divas. When my horses are not involved in equine-assisted experiential learning or equine-guided meditation, the poor things learn dressage. With me on board.

If we have eleven animonsters today, it is because I am a sucker for a sad dog, cat or horse rescue story. Our three cats (make that four, we have just rescued another one) and our dog are all rescues. So are two of our six horses. If we had not now reached the absolute maximum number of horses that our land can support, we would have had many more.

I am a morning person. It does not matter what time I go to sleep, I wake up at 04h00. Not as in wake-up-and-go-back-to-sleep, but wake up as in wide awake impossible-to-fall-asleep again. In the summer, it doesn’t matter so much, as it starts to get light from 5h30 onwards, so I can go outside and pester the horses. But in the winter, when it is pitch-dark till 9h00, I have 5 long hours to fill someway or another. So I write: blog posts, books, articles, e-mails, website pages, reports…you get the idea.





I so appreciate you stopping by today and showing my guest author the support she deserves. Please continue supporting her with tweets, comments, shares and book purchases.   🙂

Until next time………………Love & Blessings!!!

8 thoughts on “Meet Margaretha Montagu…”

  1. What a diverse background you have, Dr. Montagu! I love that you work with horses in the manner that you do. Those who take your workshops must leave greatly enriched for the experience.

    And opera? Wow! That’s impressive! Wishing you the best with all of your releases.
    Thanks for hosting today, Mar!

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