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Meet Author, Amie O’Brien – Fun Facts

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Welcome to another day where I shine a light on a guest. So glad you could join us!

Today’s guest is Author, Amie O’Brien. She will be sharing some fun facts about herself, and you will love what she has to say! (She’s quite fascinating!!)

As always, enjoy……

7 All-too-Honest Fun Facts about Me

  1. I’ve been married for almost 20 years. I met my husband during my freshman year of college where I asked him to Sadie Hawkins (event in which girls have to do the asking). My husband, at that time, was a pretty vain fraternity guy. I honestly didn’t care for him very much, but a girlfriend of mine insisted I should ask. Apparently…he didn’t care for me either! He actually looked at his circle of buddies (with me standing there) and jokingly played “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to determine if he would be my date. If he lost the match, he had to go with me. When he lost the first round he actually had the nerve to say to his friend, “Best two out of three???” Needless to say, this was the first of many times I contemplated harming him.
  2. I have an uncanny ability to neigh like a horse. It is the real deal. It’s probably the result of being a little girl growing up coveting the neighbors’ horse next door. I wasn’t allowed to enter their yard and my parents had this tall wooden privacy fence, making my life utterly unbearable. So I would climb the fence to the very top and just neigh with all my might. Somehow, every time, the horse would come to me. I actually had friends in high school that would stop on the side of the road and make me round up unsuspecting horses for them. Let it be said, I never lost a bet!
  3. By far, the most memorable of my historical research experiences in Istanbul was when my husband and I decided to enter an authentic hammam (Turkish bathhouse). Our bather was a rather large, older man who spoke no English but did gesture to me several times to remove my swimsuit top as well as my lower towel. Being shy (and a little terrified) I kept it on. This apparently struck him as rude and untrusting on my part, and when my husband tried to reason on my behalf, the bather promptly dumped a big bowl of water over his head! We got the roughest bath of our lives that day, soap in our eyes, the color nearly washed right out of my hair, LOL. We could almost hear his inner man grumbling, “Typical Americans!”
  4. I have become a better cook over the years. (Thank you, Pinterest!) But probably for the first say…12 years of our marriage, whenever we went to a family holiday event I was always asked to bring following items: chips, soda, napkins, and ice. It didn’t start out that way, but sort of drifted in that direction. I have successfully moved up to cupcakes.
  5. If you had asked me at age twelve what I would be doing with my life by age 20, I would have assured you that I would be married to Gunnar Nelson. (Yes, as in half of the Nelson Twins—90’s rock band with long, golden locks.) We would share one half of the mansion and Matthew Nelson would inhabit the other. Well, when we weren’t touring all of America, that is.
  6. I am borderline OCD, and writing for me pretty much goes like this: I sit at my desk and write a page and then I spend twice as long re-reading what I just wrote! I find I absolutely cannot allow myself to start the next page until I have read and gotten the general vibe of where I have just left off. This makes me slower than molasses.
  7. Finally, the most courageous thing I’ve ever done is go on a horseback safari in Zimbabwe. It was just me, my husband, and two guides. I rode a 5-year-old polo horse named Milly. She had a zebra-style haircut and a very willing temperament. The leather on my saddle was weathered and my stirrups were rusty and broken, but it was the coolest thing ever to come up so close to giraffes, water buffalo, and elephants.


AmieOBrienPic (2) - Copy


This is the first novel from Amie O’Brien, but she would tell you her characters are constantly nagging her for their future installments. Madly in love with her husband and children, she hopes to spend more time petting horses, reading books, and pursuing her addiction with world travel.

Find Amie online:




The opinionated, only daughter of a missionary, is enslaved and gifted to an Ottoman prince who has an inner vow to win her affection.

Sarai was led to believe that the whole world could exchange their beliefs for hers. But when her parents are murdered, she quickly learns that the world never stops for just one person. The world takes, forgets, and swiftly moves on.

By 1875, she isn’t even Sarai anymore. She had spent her teenage years repackaged as Leila, a palace concubine-in-waiting for the overly indulgent, Ottoman Sultan, Abdul’Aziz. Leila does her best to stay out of the eye of ‘Aziz as well as his son, Prince Emre. But when young and thoughtful Emre claims Leila for his own harem, she is forced out of her shell and thrown into a ring of competitive women. Here, she cannot hide from the attention her young master wishes to lavish upon her. Nor can she can avoid the ruthless retaliations of his prior favorite, Aster. But it’s the unexpected gift of sexual sanctuary and an inside look into his family’s struggles that really collides with Leila’s upbringing. Soon, despite her better judgment, she finds her heart becoming increasingly tied to him.

But can she submit her faith and independent spirit to such a future—a future where to be loved means settling for the fact that she can only ever be his favorite? Will she be able to take turns sharing him among the four beautiful girls he had received before her, one being a jealous rival and another a closest friend? And what will happen to their love if Emre’s father can’t hold together his fragile kingdom, an empire that has grave threats encroaching from every side…including within?

Thank you so much for stopping by today and lending your support to today’s guest. Please continue supporting Amie with likes, shares, comments, and book purchases.

Until next time, lovelies………Happy Reading & Reviewing!

14 thoughts on “Meet Author, Amie O’Brien – Fun Facts”

  1. I had to chuckle about your early years with your husband, Annie, Your background sounds like something out of romance novel, LOL. And how great to meet someone who remembers the Nelson twins and their long gorgeous blond hair. I should google them to see what they’re up to now 🙂
    Wishing you the very best with The Merchant Pearl. I hope you find many new fans!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Mae! Yeah, I’m quite smitten by him. (Mr. O’Brien, not Gunnar) 😉He’s quite the character and a lot of his ridiculous little antics went into making my male lead in the story, Emre, so loveable. 😊

      “Love & Affection”,

      Liked by 2 people

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