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Your Life is A Book Waiting to Be Written with #Author Vishnu…

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Today, it is my pleasure to welcome another fabulous guest to my site, so please help me welcome Vishnu, author of the recently released book, DOES TRUE LOVE EXIST?

A special thanks to A.G. Billig for reaching out to me about Vishnu’s book release. You’re a rock star!!  🙂 


Your Life is A Book Waiting to Be Written 

Do you want to be an author but have no idea what to write about?

Looking for an interesting story but can’t think of any?

You likely don’t realize that you are sitting on top one of the most unique and interesting stories that were ever written. Your own!

You may believe that your story is common place and boring and not worth retelling but that’s not true.

While you may have had similar experiences as other people, your own personal story is unique. Your experiences, observations, and life circumstances are as unique as your own finger-prints.

People want to know your feelings, observations, and advice about how you confronted situations that they were in.

In my experience, I’ve written a lot about divorce and heartbreak because it’s something that I went through.

Have there been millions of other people who have been through a heartbreak? Yes! A divorce? Yes!

Yet, people still find my view interesting and my perspective different from the millions of other people who have gone through something like I did.

4 steps to write about your life

Think about the event that most changed your life.

You likely have had a life-event that drastically altered your life. It may be a place where you were hurt, lost or felt betrayed. It may have been an external circumstance like losing a house, job, or loved one. Or possibly an internal circumstance where you begin to feel darkness, sadness and loss.

What is that one life event that had the greatest impact on you and changed your life?

To start with, choose your life’s greatest life-changing event to write about.

How did you get through this event and who did you become? 

If you came out successfully on the other side of this event and are still standing today, what did you do and how did you do it?

Detail your life path and your journey in getting through this life changing event. What tools, methods and steps did you take to get through this event?

Who did you become after this event? Who is this brand new person today that came out tougher, stronger, kinder or wiser after this event?

Reflect on the experience you’ve gained and lessons learned.

Again, how did this change you as a person?

Reflect about the lessons learned. What did you learn about yourself and about other people? What helped you survive?

What did you learn about the event itself? What did you learn about people going through similar circumstances?

What can help alleviate pain and reduce suffering for other people going through this?

What advice can you give to others in similar situations? 

Now that you came out of this event, what can you share with others?

How can you help or guide others in the place that you were in?

What is the best advice you can give them to help them move through and move out of a difficult situation?

If you were their best friend, what is the wisdom you are willing to share to help reduce the suffering?

Writing about your life is easier than you think. Take it one step at a time and be willing to talk about your life-changing situations, struggles and challenges.

Write your book but more importantly, guide others and change their life in the process.

*  *  *

Vishnu is an author and blogger. His new book, based on his own relationships and dating, is called Does True Love Exist? 15 Simple Ideas for Finding Your Life PartnerYou can pick it up on Amazon here: For weekly posts, visit

Does True Love Exists

I don’t know about you, but I SO enjoyed what Vishnu had to say! After all, on my blog, I am all about sharing peoples’ stories and Vishnu gave some great advice on just how to do that.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Please help spread the word about today’s amazing post. I sincerely think more people could use it. Don’t forget to like & comment, too!

Until next time, lovelies……………………………Happy Reading & Reviewing!!!

7 thoughts on “Your Life is A Book Waiting to Be Written with #Author Vishnu…”

  1. Happy to meet you, Vishnu! Life provides us with many opportunities to write, doesn’t it? Thank you, Mar, for hosting this interesting blog.

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  2. Thank you, Vishnu for your words of wisdom. It is true that when we are honest and share our stories with others, we can help others who are going through similar struggles. We have to be true to ourselves as we write.

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