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#RRBC Spotlight Author, Carol Marrs Phipps – @Car01am

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It is my pleasure to welcome #RRBC “SPOTLIGHT” Author, Carol Marrs Phipps to my site today. Please help me in supporting her today and all this month as we celebrate her and her book, WHAM!.

NIANia Greenwood
Age 20
5’ 7’’
Green hair
Green eyes

Greenwood, Nia is a half Fairy, half Human (here, Human is a race and therefore capitalized), daughter of Kellen and Cait Greenwood, sister of Tess. She is engaged to an Elf, Drake Evans at the time she is taken by the evil Children and Family Services Police and shipped off to become a sex slave at the world Alliance’s underwater capital city of Atlantis. Nia is one of the two main protagonists in Wham!

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JILLJill Macintyre
Age 19
Brown eyes
Red hair 

Jill Macintyre is a young woman of Beak descent from what was once the Kingdom of Marr, captured by Children and Family Assistance and sent to Atlantis to be a sex slave for the World Alliance. She is a major supporting character and good friend to Nia Greenwood, one of the main characters, and the eldest sister in the Greenwood family.

Beaks are a diminutive people making up the Kingdom of Marr in medieval times, (Heart of the Staff series) who spoke Goblish-Beakish and had scarcely joined the Iron Age. They decorated themselves extensively with blue tattoos which they preferred to enhance with blue woad stain rather than to cover with clothes. They built wooden stockade style castles atop great mounds and made a life of raiding and plundering their neighbors as well as farming. The Kingdom of Marr made up of an extensive region of fens called Beakmore or the Beakmoor, that were known as the Gobbler Marshes (Marshmallow Marshes) during the Peppermint Forest days, which surround a raised pastoral part of the Kingdom known as Caistealbeak, which includes the village of Caistealbeak which surrounds the Beak Castle, known as Caisteal-Beak. Modern day Beaks still favor tattoos, but most speak Modern Niarg speech and dress in the current fashion.

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RRBC Author Pic Carol (1)Bio:

Carol Marrs Phipps is a teacher turned author. She was born in Missouri, grew up in Illinois and lives on their farm in Illinois with her husband and her menagerie: a parrot, a raven, two cockatiels and her Siberian Forest cats. The books she has written with her husband, include, Elf Killers which takes place a millennium before the books of the Heart of the Staff series: Good Sister, Bad Sister, The Collector Witch, Stone Heart, The Burgeoning, The Reaper Witch, the final book of the series, Doom, and Heart of the Staff: Complete Series boxed set and Heart of the Staff: Complete Appendix. Recently, Carol and her husband launched a new Dystopian/Urban Fantasy series with the first book of a planned trilogy, Wham! (Book1 Timewalker). All their books are available as eBook or paperback except the boxed set and the appendix.

Carol taught with her husband on various Native American Reservations in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada, where they learned a great deal from their students, the very first fans of their writing. Not long after they married, she discovered to her joy that he also loved to write. They have been writing together full-time ever since.

Thank you so much for visiting with us today. Please help in the continuation of support for Carol with likes, shares, and comments. Don’t forget to check out the rest of her awesome month by visiting the RRBC site.

Until next time, lovelies………………………Stay creative!!

22 thoughts on “#RRBC Spotlight Author, Carol Marrs Phipps – @Car01am”

    1. Thanks, Jan! Jill is a very important supporting character who becomes one of Nia’s two best friends after they are both abducted and forced to become sex slaves for government officials in the hidden undersea capital of Atlantis.

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    1. Thanks you, Vashti, perhaps you’ll become intrigued enough to give it a read sometime. But, whether or not you do, I appreciate your comments and support during my blog tour. 🙂

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