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Introducing Author @Renee_Brookside

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Happy Friday to you! I hope you have wonderful plans for the weekend, or perhaps, only plans to relax… Regardless, I envy you. My weekend will mostly involve packing and moving. More details on that later. For now, allow me to introduce you to a lovely author — Renee Brookside. Please help me in welcoming her to the site today…


When you think of the word author, you probably have associations synonymous with books, stories, and words. Today I’m going to add another association to the list: brave.

You may not think of an author as being brave. For those of us with the desire to share stories with the world, brave is a critical trait. A good number of authors are shy introverts. I include myself in that grouping. The courage to share our stories with the world is often lacking. Our imaginations are fed by our inward thoughts and quiet sanctuaries. The idea of putting our stories out into the world to be examined, critiqued, and maybe hated is terrifying. After all, authors learn pretty quickly that rejection makes up about 95% of the writer’s life.

This is where bravery comes in. To invest so much time and energy into the creation of characters and plots, knowing that there will be hate and rejection of these projects, and put the story out there anyway—takes guts.

This fear of rejection is what kept me away from the world of publishing for years. I started composing stories before I was even literate. At three years old, I would tell stories to my nana and she would write them out for me. In the 5th grade, we were required to write one story for our own ‘self-published’ books. I wrote three. I took creative writing in high school. My finishing grade in that class was A+. It wasn’t even a question; I knew without a doubt that writing was meant for me.

I majored in English with a concentration in creative writing. I took introductory fiction classes, introductory poetry classes, screenwriting, editing, advanced fiction and poetry. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English, concentration Creative Writing. I even threw in a Minor in Anthropology.

Despite all the classes and teachers, there was one major obstacle that my starry-eyed self hadn’t considered. Becoming a successful author was extremely difficult. I didn’t take into account the throngs of other starry-eyed writers out there. I submitted a few things to various magazines and was slapped with the rejection letters. Most didn’t bother to tell me why I was rejected. It was a blow to my delicate, introverted ego, and I abandoned the dream of writing.

One day, my mother asks me if I’m ever going to publish anything. As a child, I promised to buy her a condo in Hawaii and a powder-blue Volkswagen Beetle to drive around in. All I could tell her was, “I don’t know.” Let me tell you, mothers hate that response no matter what age you are!

It was then I realized I’d given up on my dream without giving it much of a chance. Hadn’t my teachers in college warned us to get thick skin in preparation for rejection letters?

On December 31, 2014 I sat at the desktop in my bedroom, in the dark, and went to work. I’d had an idea for a story that just had to get out. What if souls could be contained in glass orbs and extracted? I wrote all of December 31. I paused my writing at 11:30pm, watched the ball drop, and went right back to my writing. I didn’t stop until about 2 in the morning on January 1. I like to think I wrote from one year into the next.

I contacted an amazing cover designer (Deranged Doctor Designs) and commissioned a custom cover. I had the book edited by an independent editor. I am proud to say that after hours of painstakingly formatting for ebook and print, I published Dual Souls on Amazon. Accomplishing an expansive goal like writing and publishing a book was almost euphoric. Regardless of whether or not it does well, I am glad I had the bravery to pursue my dream.

There are a lot of authors out there. Some are mustering their courage to share their stories. Others are proudly displaying their work on bookshelves. I hope that next time you go shopping for a new book, remember the guts it took the author to put it out there for you to read.

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dualsoulsPick up a copy of her book, DUAL SOALS, today!

Thank you so much for visiting with us today. I hope you enjoyed Renee’s words, as much as I did. Please help me in supporting this brave author, with many likes, shares, and comments.

Until next time, lovelies……………………………Stay Creative!!

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