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Recent #Paranormal Happenings…

Hello, bloggers!

As the title suggests, I’m writing today to update you on my paranormal happenings. Many of you have asked, so here you go!!

You know the drill. Any questions, any thoughts…


Incident 1

Imagine an uneventful evening at home, playing video games. Just the two of us.

There was a movement in the hallway. A shadow.

I saw it, but stayed silent. It was typical for me. Not for him, though. The shadow immediately caught his attention. He stopped what he was doing and stared down the hallway. There was a hesitation, him being a nonbeliever. But we both saw it. We were sure of it.

The shadow moved across the wall, and, just as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared. That was it.

Silence engulfed the room.

*  *  *

Incident 2

A typical night at home, watching television. Dinner had already been cleaned up. All the fur babies were taken care of. All that was left was to relax.

A shock of pain came across me. Feelings of a headache.

I walk the few feet to the doorway, inches from the restroom where the medicine is kept. To my shock, I find the door closed. I froze in my steps. I questioned what I found, only to learn that neither of us had closed the door.

I tested some possible ideas, but nothing could have caused it. It didn’t make sense. Nothing was out of place. No other oddities. There weren’t even any noises, even though the door always squeaks.

Simply another mystery of my paranormal life.

*  *  *

Incident 3

This occurred several months back. I’ve just hesitated telling the story. It was too real.

It was late in the night. There were three of us in the house this time. The usual two, plus his little. I was the only one awake, barely, but awake. The television was on, slightly giving light to the room.

I’m not sure what, but something made me sit up and look at the doorway. I don’t remember a noise. Just a feeling.

There was someone peering into our room. I could only see half the figure. The rest, including the face, was blocked. I could see what looked like a long-sleeve nightgown, on a short frame. Light blue. Flowers.

I blinked, and it was gone. Vanished.

I wasn’t scared. Wasn’t too sure of what I saw. I shrugged it off and let myself drift into sleep.

The following morning, as I was getting ready for church, the little caught my attention. I noticed what she was wearing. Short-sleeve. A dark purple. My Little Ponies, I believe.

It wasn’t long-sleeve. It wasn’t light blue. And there were definitely no flowers.

It wasn’t her I saw the night before. In that moment, the realization hit me. Tears filled my eyes. The night before, I saw my great-grandmother. I knew this was true to the core of my being.

See, my great-grandmother wore long-sleeve nightgowns because she was always cold. And she was such a petite lady.

The house I’m living in was my grandmother’s. My great-grandmother lived with her for some time, in her final days.

This home has so many memories. I feel the life in the house. I hear the noises. I know we’re not alone. Of that I’m sure.


Why am I sharing this today?

I’ve never feared what I felt in my house. The noises only intrigued me. The shadows, the clothed figures… I felt almost a peace.

This morning, I felt I wasn’t alone. There were noises. The feeling of being watched.

Only this time, for the first time, I was scared. There was no peace. It was fear.

I’m not sure what this means. I don’t know what any of it means.

What I do know is this… We are not alone.


17 thoughts on “Recent #Paranormal Happenings…”

  1. Lots of paranormal activity going on in your little casa. It made sense once you said the house belonged to your grandmother. She is obviously still hanging around watching over you. What beautiful experiences. The one that made you afraid could be an entity that simply found a portal to come through and has no relation to you except that you are open to those kinds of experiences. I would suggest you sage the house to discourage any unwanted visitors. If you don’t know how to do that, Google it. Thanks for sharing, Marlena. I am a believer!

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    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and share your thoughts, Jan. I really appreciate it. I’m definitely going to look into your suggestion. I think you may be right about what’s going on. Except for this morning, the experiences really have been incredible.


  2. I am definitely a believer! Very active house, but like you said it was your grandma’s house an she’s watching over you. We have a lot of activity at our house, too…what we call a hall ghost, everyone has seen her even the nonbelievers…I always enjoy their surprise then trying to explain it away later. I’ve also had a couple of dealings with things that chill me, too…not sure what to make of it? I like to think the good feelings are our guardian angels and we catch glimpses of them. The animals certainly know they are there! I agree with Jan you should sage your house with all the windows open so the outside energies can leave! Glad you shared this.

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    1. Thanks so much, D.L. Yes, I’m going to look into Jan’s suggestion. And, oh my goodness, so right about animals. It’s amazing what they can sense, even when we can’t. I’d love to hear more about your own stories. These things truly fascinate me, always have.

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  3. I believe!! Love that you shared this. My mother, who passed in 2008, is a regular visitor. For the first year after she died, she would come into my bedroom. I’d feel the mattress dip as she sat at the end of my bed. It was very comforting, and I was never afraid. We have a hall visitor too, and often hear him/her slip through the baby gate we have installed to keep our pets out of our bedrooms. It makes a very distinctive sound.

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    1. Oh, you gave me chills, Susan. Thank you so much for sharing your own experiences with me. I’d love to hear more. I think it’s such a wonderful treasure to know we’re still be watched after even when they’re gone.


  4. Wow this stories are crazy. I haven’t personally had anything like this happen to me but stories like this make me believe in ghosts for sure. Thanks for sharing!


  5. These are creepy but I believe in them too. I had one experience in a brand new house I had years ago. My daughter and i were in the large kitchen far from the family room where the TV was located. The TV suddenly went on by itself loud enough to make us jump and run into the room. We were nowhere near it and didn’t put it on. Never did figure out how it went on and who or what could have done it. Never happened again. My daughter was frightened but I was intrigued and a little surprised. I think someone from another place was trying to tells us something.

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    1. Not in this house. I did in the previous one and caught a few, indistinguishable sounds. One was caught when I was trying to record thru a computer headset. I’m hoping to do a session soon, though. I definitely need to.


  6. I am a believer too! I myself have had many experiences on a similar level to yours, and equally I am still curious as to what it all means. As for the final encounter in your tale and the feeling of discomfort, I strongly suggest keeping an eye on this and seeing if anything develops. In my most recent blog post, we had a difficult couple years with a fairly unpleasant spirit and had to have the house blessed, and that helped ‘everyone’ move on. Id love to hear more of your encounters!

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  7. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve experienced many incidents similar to yours at my house and my grandmas house. Especially the feeling of being watched. I used to get scared when something would happen but not so much anymore. I’ve gotten used to it. I get more excited now. We’re definitely not alone

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