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Meet Author J.G. MacLeod, @jgmacleodauthor

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I am pleased to welcome to my site the lovely J.G. MacLeod, Author of Abalone. Today, J.G. is sharing with us details about her first novel.



Author Bio:

J.G. MacLeod has always been an avid reader and writer. As a child, she was drawn to putting pen to paper so that she could record the people and places she would create inside her mind. As a young adult, she earned a university degree in Honors English and history due to her keen interest in nineteenth-century studies.

Ms. MacLeod then went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Education and has spent the past sixteen years teaching. She taught creative writing, English and social science for most of those years, but she has also spent time as a guidance counsellor and working with students with developmental disabilities. She loves encouraging students to find their own voices through writing and believes that every single person has a story to tell.

Ms. MacLeod has three young children of her own and resides in southwestern Ontario, Canada where she lives for summer and dislikes shovelling snow. She has a passion for travel and loved the friendly people she met on a recent trip she took to Ireland. Ms. MacLeod dedicates time every day to the act of writing and loves the beautiful nuances of the English language.

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Book Blurb:

J.G. MacLeod’s provocative first novel explores the topic of relationship violence with honesty and grit. Controversial and insightful, Ms. MacLeod delves into the complexity of abuse and describes its impact on the characters in her story.

Eighteen-year-old Liz is in her final year of high school when she meets James Macewan, an older student who is struggling academically and wrestling with his own demons. What begins as a simple tutoring assignment soon grows into her first dating relationship. Liz initially enjoys the excitement of being with James, but it does not take long before she cannot recognize who she is as an individual anymore. As James’s own life begins to unravel he compensates by attempting to control every aspect of Liz’s existence. The situation eventually dissolves into a tale of violence and dehumanization that affects the characters’ lives forever.

J.G. MacLeod describes the fear and uncertainty that often come with the cycle of violence and allows readers to journey alongside Liz as she attempts to confront her abuser and heal from trauma.

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Author Facts/Book Facts:

  • I started writing this novel in 2000. After writing about 50 pages of it, I set it aside while life took over.  A marriage, three children and a divorce later, I examined those 50 pages and reworked them, adding a few hundred more until my novel was finally finished in August 2017!  It felt like an emotional journey and the entire writing process was a form of healing for me.
  • Like the protagonist in the novel, I too have experienced abuse and relationship violence. While the story is fictional, the feelings and dilemmas were created from firsthand knowledge as well as from interviewing many women at a local women’s crisis centre.
  • The Me Too Movement gave me the final push (and courage) to go public with my book. It felt like sharing a piece of my soul, but my family and friends have been very encouraging as well as the online writing community for which I am most grateful.
  • When I first started writing my book, I was a university graduate. Upon finishing my book, I am a veteran educator with over 16 years of teaching experience.  I believe that teaching English for those years, especially the craft of writing, has helped inspire my own creativity.  I feel as if I have experienced a sort of rebirth in the past two years.
  • With 3 children it can be difficult to find time for writing, editing, publishing and promoting. Two years ago I began to schedule writing into my life as people do other essential activities.  After my girls go to bed each night, I commit to at least 1 hour of writing-related work.  Often that 1 hour becomes 3 or 4.

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