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#ReadingWednesday: Random Facts about My Upcoming Books


A Momentary Glance

-This was the first big story idea that I had, and the ending actually came to me before anything else. I used the idea of the ending to create the rest.

-I did a lot of research about the location, and loved every minute of it, even though I didn’t get to really visit the place. It’s on my bucket list though!

-I struggled with this one’s book cover. Nothing felt perfect for what I wanted to portray. I ended up letting Twitter friends and colleagues vote for their favorite. The cover that won the vote actually surprised me. It was the first cover I created, out of four.

-I changed a few of the characters’ names several times, until they finally fit.

The Power of Love

-The idea for this story came to me very randomly. I don’t even know what spawned the idea. I’m just thankful I was at home and could immediately start typing.

-I found myself emotional during the writing of this story. Not because it reflected my own life, I just really got into my main character and felt her sadness. Even thinking about it, her story is heartbreaking.

-I changed the ending twice.

-This was the first book cover I had ever created. I fell in love with it. To me, it’s as close to perfect as it could get.


-The entire idea for this book came to me in a dream. I saw it play out like a movie. I kept replaying it in my head until I was at my computer.

-It only took two days to get all my thoughts typed up.

-I started with dialogue and went back to fill in the rest because that’s what I envisioned, the dialogue between the two main characters.

-I used a lot of my own personality for the main character.

Other random facts

-I often dream my story ideas, even if it’s only a snippet. The details are usually enough to get me started, though.

-I usually create an outline after I’ve already began the story. The outline is a way for me to keep on track.

-I love the research part of writing, and I will happily spend hours looking up locations and such.

-I envision the story as I write it, much like a movie on the big screen, so I can see how it plays out.

-I rarely write from my own life experiences, or even people I know. (At least as of now!) I do, however, use my own small town life for inspiration. You may notice that my three *coming soon* books all feature small town life. I guess it’s kind of my thing.

You can find the book covers and blurbs of these on My Works page.

3 thoughts on “#ReadingWednesday: Random Facts about My Upcoming Books”

  1. I find it fascinating to learn about the different approaches we writer’s use when we take on the challenge of crafting a new book. I too clearly visualize each scene as a movie during the writing process. The first germ of an idea for a novel can come from so very many different places. My latest character sprang from watching a lovely looking young woman stroll through a shopping mall. She was utterly confident and it showed in the way she walked and held herself. That’s how my latest character of Andi O’Connor began. I’m so looking forward to reading your work, Mar.🌹

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