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#ReadingWednesday: Guest J.P. Jentile

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Today, I am excited to share a guest post for our Reading Wednesday segment. It’s my pleasure to welcome Author J.P. Jentile to my site today.

Awaken The Hero Within

I love Heroic Fantasy novels as they inspire me to surpass myself. So, I write fantasy novels to encourage people, especially kids, to nurture the most beautiful aspects of their personality. There is kindness, love, compassion, tolerance, tremendous courage in every heart beating on the planet.

I have a compelling need to write and share my passion for life, to remind readers of its beauty and magic. Fantasy books are a powerful tool for communicating with a young audience and instilling high moral values in their souls.

To do so, I invented an atypical hero, a young ogre called Ogrino. My goal was to create a hero so fragile and so likable that the readers could quickly identify with. I’m grateful that it happened.

Ogrino has to endure many hardships and go through life-threatening adventures. These events are stepping-stones which build his grit and determination while developing values such as responsibility, commitment, and friendship. Like any of us, Ogrino is not prepared to become a hero, but in the end, he becomes one. This is the route I wanted to design for my readers: awaken the hero lying dormant within them.

I am who I am today because of the education my parents gave and the books I read. The heroes of my childhood influenced me tremendously; I’m forever grateful for all the good they brought in my life.

When I think back, those heroes were like friends with whom I shared sorrows and joys. By borrowing their strengths and personality, I evolved as a human being.

I believe that high-quality books are more important than ever, especially for kids. Getting children to love reading, love stories is a surefire way to fight the garbage existing kids can access so easily on the Internet. Books provide a positive balance to the digital world and its perversions.

As a writer, I realize I have a responsibility to spread positive things in the world. My mission became crystal clear as a result of the warm welcome Ogrino received. The complicity you can build with people you don’t know just because you share the same collective imaginary is simply amazing. I confess that the best award I have ever received was bright eyes of a kid who enjoyed my book.

There is a universal law that makes that the more one gives, the more one receives. I’m eager to share Ogrino’s new adventures with his fans and, hopefully, new readers so that we awaken together the wonderful heroes within us.

*  *  *

Photo Auteur JP Jentile_smallAbout J.P. Jentile:

J.P. Jentile is a best selling author and one of the most popular contemporary French authors of heroic fantasy novels. His debut novel, Ogrino, The Ancient Legacy, was a Barnes & Noble bestseller in the US in 2012. The French edition was traditionally published by Edilivre.

A born storyteller, he decided to pursue a writing career after a story he wrote for his two sons achieved recognition outside his family and close friends.

An avid reader of Heroic Fantasy, the author is happy to share his passion and vivid imagination with children and grown-ups, alike. His mission as a writer is to nurture kids’ creativity and inspire them to embrace high-aspirations, tolerance, compassion, responsibility, solidarity, and justice.

He was a special guest at the prestigious “Salon du livre de Paris” for three consecutive years (2012, 2013, 2014).

You can connect with J.P. Jentile on Facebook and Twitter.

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Ogrino_ENAbout Ogrino, The Ancient Legacy

A heroic fantasy novel about courage, tolerance, the power of friendship and kindness. An epic adventure that takes the reader through marvelous worlds populated initiatory tale promoting responsibility, solidarity and action for common good.

Hunted by the Military Order of Legiferius, which seeks to eliminate all magical creatures, a young Ogre named Ogrino has lost his parents and his memory. He is adopted by the circus people and comes to live as a human boy. Discovered again by the Order, he escapes with help from the Pixie Razenbruck. Ogrino fights off a thousand dangers to spread the news of the Orders threat to the peoples of the Legendary World, including Delphoros, the king of seas, Precelestine, monarch of the underground, and Themistomene, sovereign of the forests.

Ogrino wakes the dragon Metanor and even meets Felicia Regina, Queen of the Elves, who reveals to him his destiny. But will all this be enough to protect the Gigantum, the tree-father of all life, and preserve the Great Balance from the evil chemes of the Orders leader, the Magnus Legifer?

The book is now on sale on Amazon for only $1.99.

What readers say:

“One of the best ogre stories you can find. A delightful, both traditional yet also modern tale. I would love to have the imagination and skill to be able to tell such a story. A great read middle-grade read, which parents will love it, too.”

“One of the best ogre stories you can find.”

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