When #Amazon Wakes Up on the Wrong Side of The Bed… #RRBC #RRBC_Community #RWISA #Trello

This is an article worth sharing!! Thank you, Non & RRBC!!

Trello is something you can quickly get obsessed with. In every good way imaginable! Do yourself a favor and continue reading! 🖤


Have you ever written a review on Amazon only to find out later that Amazon decided not to post your review…for whatever reason?  We all know that Amazon does what Amazon wants to do.

You want the author to know that you’re supportive of them and that you did read and review their book, but, it was a very detailed review and you just don’t have it in you to rewrite it. Well, I never have those issues because I first write my reviews in Trello.

Those of us in the know, now use TRELLO for just about everything.  Work, Writing, Home – you name it, TRELLO can help you with it.

So, in regard to writing reviews, here is some very useful information that will ensure you are never, ever left holding an empty review bag.  Here’s what I do:

First, I head to TRELLO and create a board

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