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Welcome to Day 1 of the Fresh Ink Group Authors’ Blog Tour! @AyshaEhsan1 @FreshInkGroup

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We’re kicking off the Fresh Ink Group Authors’ Blog Tour with Aysha Ehsan. Comment on her post here or at to enter for one randomly awarded free book trailer or one of seven (7) daily free books. Thanks for hosting, and thanks for visiting. Be sure to subscribe!

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About Aysha Ehsan

Growing up in a military family, Aysha Ehsan traveled and explored the whole of her native Pakistan. Still young, today she holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations & Affairs. She is a writer who worked as a journalist and broadcast anchor in Pakistan and the Middle East. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, she taught at a Russian university and at Al Falah University.  Her penchant for seeing, feeling, and understanding life’s many underlying realities infuses how she lives and the stories she tells.

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Aysha’s Post

She snoozes the alarm at least six times, every morning, before she slips even her foot out of the warm bed. Then what! She is obviously late, and the morning and everything is rushed. However, one thing she finds unbelievable about herself is that she accomplishes everything she starts. How it all happens is a mystery and she is content in not exploring it. 

Hi, everyone! I could not find any fitting introduction but this for me. When I reflect on myself, I find an interesting amalgam of creased neatness. When I start anything, I aim to complete it with precision; and I actually end up achieving it, too, but the path that unfolds on the way is riddled with complications, always. I remember the same thing happened with my first novel, The Autumn Tree. I began writing a simple short story, and there opened the plethora of gossips and telltale stories. I end up navigating the simple romance of Amanda and Brad to the destination of an enticing thriller. 

Born in a progressive family in Pakistan, I have always had the love for travelling. Yes, you are right! Pakistan is much more developed than portrayed. Being a daughter of a veteran, I enjoyed more privileges than other kids did. Security, protocol, authority, and exposure were the common denominators of my upbringing. Growing up I had partly lived in and visited the rest of Pakistan because of my dad’s deployments. Every place offered a new story to my imagination. I was not a talker but the Aysha of my imagination was a superhero. I would weave stories, connecting the experiences and characters I gain.

My first encounter with the world of writing was in grade 5. I was that docile girl always hiding behind my group of friends, probably unnoticed. We were all in the Library, and girls were chitchatting about something that did not interest me at all. So I started scribbling on a piece of paper. Slowly words began to connect and my imagination took the steering. By the end, I had a short story, which I read probably four times with admiration swelling in every attempt. 

It was a start but it did not continue. For a long time I lived in fantasies but never penned them. Life went topsy-turvy more than a couple of times. Being super passionate, but not very consistent, made me switch careers from teaching to journalism. Imagine a spoiled girl who believes anything is possible because Daddy is there, that was me! Being strikingly beautiful, with flawless curves and a perfect rack, got me a place in front of the camera. Although I struggled with work politics, in the midst of all the mayhem, I found love! Oh it was beautiful. We were like high-school kids seizing every opportunity to get intimate. The fairy tale did not last long, and he announced he was moving to Dubai. I could not bear the idea of separation, so I moved heaven and earth to convince my mom that Dubai was my destiny. After a struggle of about eight months, I finally convinced Mom, so I moved to unite with my ‘true love’.   

The next two years were magical. I had found ‘the one’. He was my best friend, my partner in crime, my punching bag, and my entire world. Talking to him was so easy. I began sharing my short stories with him. Although he was not fond of reading, he did try, and he was certainly impressed. Seeing my passion for writing, he suggested I consider writing a novel. I did not think I could do it, but he kept encouraging, so I hesitantly began. Initial reluctance wore off fast, and I started enjoying the process. Thereafter it was no more a task, but my escape. When I completed The Autumn Tree, it felt like I was bidding farewell to a loved one. Now I see what so many of you wonderful authors experience.

Unfortunately, the farewell had dual recipients. Our love story also lost the war of us-against-the-world, and we had to part ways. Although he is not with me anymore, I will always cherish the present he gave me by encouraging me to write. I hope you try my upcoming novel where I will share a lot of me in different moods.

First, please try my thriller novel The Autumn Tree by Aysha Ehsan. My publisher, Stephen at Fresh Ink Group, calls it also ‘a taut character study’. I am so proud of being part of the many various authors of Fresh Ink Group. I hope you will try reading and imagining their books, too. Thank you to my publisher for including me in this 4WillsPublishing Blog Tour, and to my fellow Fresh Ink Group authors for welcoming me so, and also to my generous host. I hope you all subscribe to this wonderful blog.

Aysha Ehsan

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The Autumn Tree Front Cover

The Autumn Tree

Four very different people find their very different lives intertwined as they put down roots in the city by the Bay. Catherine is the withering transplant who learns to compromise her very soul for a budding career. Amanda reaches for the light with one man while another shadows her with darkness. Matthew grows the reputation of Immaculate University, but his secrets poison the very well sustaining too many people’s worlds. Brad thrives on success in business and casual sex until love dares try to root in his heart. The vernal promise of springtime blazes in glorious color even as hope and faith die in the inevitable autumns all must strive to survive. Greed, exploitation, hatred, and somehow love shape the everyday. But might possibility and hope somehow endure amid new beginnings?

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Aysha’s Social Media

Instagram: aysha_ehsan

Twitter: @AyshaEhsan1

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Facebook: Aysha Ehsan

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34 thoughts on “Welcome to Day 1 of the Fresh Ink Group Authors’ Blog Tour! @AyshaEhsan1 @FreshInkGroup”

  1. Woohoo! I get to comment first! Thanks to Mar for generously sharing Aysha’s thoughts and her novel today, and thanks to 4WillsPublishing for managing what promises to be a fun and successful blog tour! Aysha, at Fresh Ink Group we are all proud to have you and your work in our catalog! Visitors, be sure to comment so you are eligible to win a trailer touting your work and your own publisher. Again, woohoo!

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  2. Thanks for sharing and giving us the opportunity to get to know you a little better, Aysha. Fresh Ink Group is all the stronger with your writing talent! Thank you, Marlena, for helping Aysha share her thoughts and feelings. Take care, both of you, and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂 ~Stephanie and Ellie

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