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#RRBC #RWISA “RISE-UP” Blog Tour – Day 9

LOSING MOM by Heather Kindt Have you ever lost someone? The pain is unimaginable, ripping through you like an express train. But what if you lost that person again and again? The agony of the loss knocks you off your feet until you’re numb. That’s what it’s like when you lose someone to dementia. My… Continue reading #RRBC #RWISA “RISE-UP” Blog Tour – Day 9

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#RRBC #RWISA “RISE-UP” Blog Tour – Day 8

Sights by Yvette Calleiro What if, In our hustle and bustle, In our go go go, We made it a point To slow down and meditate - Tune in to the now, The beauty of each moment? If only we had slowed our lives down To enjoy the present moment, We’d have less people living… Continue reading #RRBC #RWISA “RISE-UP” Blog Tour – Day 8

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#RRBC #RWISA “RISE-UP” Blog Tour – Day 7

FOLLOW THE LEADER by Wendy Scott Darkness swallowed dormitory B49. The lights had been extinguished an hour before at 8 pm. Stevie listened for the rhythmic breathing from the cots, aligned with military precision, one metre apart. Twenty beds, divided into two rows, sat on opposite sides of a red painted aisle. Identical grey bedding… Continue reading #RRBC #RWISA “RISE-UP” Blog Tour – Day 7

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#RRBC #RWISA “RISE-UP” Blog Tour – Day 6

WATCH AND PRAY by Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko Indeed, these are difficult times. A time for soul-searching. A time to take notice of just how fragile we humans are, and, a time to look to God for solutions. There is a plague ravaging the whole world, and what are we doing? We are running helter-skelter, trying… Continue reading #RRBC #RWISA “RISE-UP” Blog Tour – Day 6

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#RRBC #RWISA “RISE-UP” Blog Tour – Day 3

DEPRESSION SOUP by Jan Sikes She stood in a line her head bowed low There was nowhere to run, no place to go With clothes that were ragged And shoes that were worn There were millions just like her She wasn’t alone America’s Great Depression had stolen their homes Took its toll on their bodies… Continue reading #RRBC #RWISA “RISE-UP” Blog Tour – Day 3