I’ll keep my thoughts short because Alina’s post is a beautiful one. We’ve all been impacted by cancer, whether thru ourselves or thru a loved one. If you are able, please donate to this very worthy cause. ❤


Just two weeks ago I lost my grandmother. She was my last grandparent alive and the news hit me so hard. I was frustrated because I am miles away and couldn’t even travel for the funeral and be with my family in those hard times.

She would have turned ninety this year and I was so looking forward to take my daughter and go see her and spend some precious time together. God had different plans. He took her to Him so she can meet with my grandfather in Heaven. She suffered in hospital for over a week and honestly speaking, in a way I felt relieved when she went. She was in pain and over half of her brain was inundated with blood. I felt peace that night for the first time in a long time and I like to think that she is just watching over me.


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“SO, YOU’RE RAISING YOUR GRANDKIDS!” by #RRBC #RWISA Author, Harriet Hodgson — Dawn Delivers

Introducing author Harriet Hodgson – GRAND PRIZE Winner of the #RRBC 2019 KCT INT’L LITERARY AWARDS Contest with her book “So, You’re Raising Your Grandkids!” Rochester, Minnesota resident Harriet Hodgson has been a freelance writer for 38 years, is the author of thousands of articles, and 36 books. She has a BS from Wheelock College […]“SO,… Continue reading “SO, YOU’RE RAISING YOUR GRANDKIDS!” by #RRBC #RWISA Author, Harriet Hodgson — Dawn Delivers

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#WritingWednesday: What makes me different…

Growing up in a religious family, always attending church and special events, and then having my father answer his calling as a preacher… I feel having this background almost “forces” me to keep things clean. I don’t mean that in a bad sense. I just feel my stories can be told without constant adult language… Continue reading #WritingWednesday: What makes me different…

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This Last Chance Blog Tour with @dlfinnauthor

Thank you for having me here today, Marlena, and sharing the release of This Last Chance 😊 Behind This Last Chance This Last Chance is set in a place I live near and have taken many vacations or day trips, Lake Tahoe. The town is fictional, along with where Amber worked, but the rest isn’t.… Continue reading This Last Chance Blog Tour with @dlfinnauthor

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#RRBC #RWISA “RISE-UP” Blog Tour – Day 12

By Nonnie Jules By Friday, I doubted that I would even be part of this event.  I’m sure many of you noticed that I kept moving others ahead of me and ahead of me, until I ran out of members to move – as I struggled with finding the time in my schedule to write… Continue reading #RRBC #RWISA “RISE-UP” Blog Tour – Day 12