RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB is a virtual book club made up of authors and readers. The mission and goal of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB is to profile, promote & propel the careers of Indie Authors. The only way that we can do that, is by supporting each of our authors with book sales and honest reviews. We encourage and hope that each of our members will run out and purchase the selected author’s books and when finished with the complete read, post an honest review.

For more info on the club, please visit our FAQ page.

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RWISA was founded for the sole purpose of introducing the literary world to some of the top Indie Authors!  These writers are consummate professionals, dedicated, committed and driven to continually excel at producing the best written works possible.  Are they perfect?  No, but none of us are.  What separates them from the rest, is their ultimate goal of giving readers what they are paying for…great, polished reads and writing!

The members of this community have penned works that have garnered high marks and praise for creativity, and their dedication to the excellence of the craft of writing.  But, it doesn’t stop there!  Their desire to be the best in their writing, is evident in the little things, as well, such as their websites and blogs, their well-written book blurbs and even their Author bios on Amazon.  These writers care about perfection in their writing and it shows across the board!

For more information, please visit our FAQ page and any of the other informative pages on the site.

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