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#ReadingWednesday: Random Facts about My Upcoming Books

A Momentary Glance -This was the first big story idea that I had, and the ending actually came to me before anything else. I used the idea of the ending to create the rest. -I did a lot of research about the location, and loved every minute of it, even though I didn’t get to… Continue reading #ReadingWednesday: Random Facts about My Upcoming Books

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#RRBC Springtime Book & Blog Block Party

Hello, bloggers!! For the entire month of April, we are celebrating the RRBC Springtime Book & Blog Block Party! Today is my posting day and I welcome you from the grand state of Alabama!! Here's what I'm giving away: -(1) $5 Amazon Gift Card ~ Congrats to John Fioravanti!! -(2) Guest Spots on my Blog… Continue reading #RRBC Springtime Book & Blog Block Party

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Starting the New Year off…

Happy New Year, Bloggers!! 2014 was quite a year… busy and stressful, crazy and joyful, full of positive changes. It was nothing I expected, but everything I needed. (Remember, God has a plan. I have to trust him, so everything that happened, good and bad, was with purpose. Bottom line. End of story.) I started a new… Continue reading Starting the New Year off…


There’s a first time for everything…

Hello, bloggers! I'm guessing you noticed the title of today's post: "There's a first time for everything..." Well, this will be my first time to put my writing, other than my blog postings and such, out for public viewing. Today, I am sharing with you the PROLOGUE of my WIP, A Momentary Glance. Only a… Continue reading There’s a first time for everything…


“Meet My Main Character” Blog Tour

Hello, bloggers!! My dear friend, A.R. Rivera--, has tagged me in her post for this blog tour. (Thanks, A!!) I am ecstatic and honored to be asked to participate. I also must  tell you...I highly recommend you check out her book, BETWEEN OCTOBERS. It's her debut novel and sounds too awesome to pass up!… Continue reading “Meet My Main Character” Blog Tour