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Meet Author @GigiSedlmayer

Hello, bloggers, and Happy Friday!! I'm excited to welcome a new guest to the site today, Gigi Sedlmayer. Gigi is the author of a series - TALON - that has 5 must reads. I look forward to learning more about her writing and the inspiration that brings it to us. Enjoy... “Teaching Children Self-Confidence through… Continue reading Meet Author @GigiSedlmayer

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A Q&A with @ToddTracy…

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to another fabulous day on Life As I Know It. Today, we are being joined by Author, Todd Tracy, and we get to enjoy an entertaining Q&A. We're discussing passion, inspiration, research, and dreams. Get ready to dive into the man behind the book......... 1. When did you discover your passion to write? My… Continue reading A Q&A with @ToddTracy…

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Meet KM Fortune – Awakening Author Q&A – @km_fortune

Hello, bloggers! I am so excited about today's guest - Author, KM Fortune!! KM has a unique approach to writing sci-fi and I can't wait for you to learn more about her and her writing. She has a great story to tell and I sincerely hope you enjoy...... Why don’t you tell us a little about… Continue reading Meet KM Fortune – Awakening Author Q&A – @km_fortune