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Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke – @pursoot

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to another wonderful week! I hope your weekend was exactly what you planned on it being, whether that be busy or relaxing or somewhere in between.  🙂 Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming Author Suzanne Burke to my site. This lovely lady is quite versatile with her writing and I couldn't be… Continue reading Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke – @pursoot

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Welcome to my blog, Robert Kimbrell!!

Hello, bloggers!! I'm excited to welcome another grand RRBC "SPOTLIGHT" Author to my page... Robert Kimbrell!! Rob is a super supportive member of the club and a member of the Tweet Support Team. I'm more than happy to host him on my blog today. Please help me in supporting him, not only on my blog, but all… Continue reading Welcome to my blog, Robert Kimbrell!!

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Hello, bloggers!! Welcome to the Alabama stop on the #RRBC BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY!! I am thrilled to have you stop by!!! My stop's Giveaway Prizes include these 3 fabulous items: 1)  1st Edition RRBC Anthology 2)  2nd Edition RRBC Anthology 3)  $10 Amazon Gift Card Which do you hope to get your hands… Continue reading RRBC BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY

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B2S Book & Blog Block Party

Hello, bloggers!! I am SO EXCITED to have you join me today. Because today... is an AWESOME DAY!!! Why, you may ask? Today is MY day on the Rave Reviews Book Club's Back-To-School Book & Blog Block Party. Yay!!!   🙂 So as always, sit back, relax and enjoy...... A little background info: I have… Continue reading B2S Book & Blog Block Party

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Weekly Update #38

Good morning, bloggers!! I hope today finds you well, happy and feeling accomplished! I have been a busy little bee! Have you seen my recent posts? I've had some exciting things to share! Author Sherry Soule came by for a visit, to promote her new YA Paranormal/Sci-Fi series. You can check it out here. And,… Continue reading Weekly Update #38