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Moments of Gratitude

1. I am thankful for my home. I’m even more thankful for what my home represents. It was my grandparents’ home, built in the 90's on land that once belonged to someone that was like family. I am honored to carry on in their home, where my mother, aunts and uncles were raised. Where my… Continue reading Moments of Gratitude

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Faith’s Role in my Writing

Hi, bloggers! One of my favorite things about my raising is that my father was a preacher. Although he is no longer preaching, I’m proud of him and all that he’s accomplished in his life. During his time as a preacher, he served two churches. I made lasting friendships at both. There are some crazy… Continue reading Faith’s Role in my Writing

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Who Are You, Woman? by @alinabarac

Hello, bloggers! I am so pleased to welcome today's guest, Alina Barac! This lady is such a delight! And an inspiration! The moment I visited her site, I fell in love with it. She's leaving us a sampling below, and I *know* you'll be anxious to read more.   😉 There are moments in life when… Continue reading Who Are You, Woman? by @alinabarac

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Antics with Auntie Peg, by Joy M Lilley (Part 1)

  Hello, Bloggers!! Happy Friday to you!! I am pleased to welcome another fabulous author to my site, Joy M Lilley. Today, Joy is sharing some delightful stories about her Auntie Peg, so get ready to be entertained!! You may even giggle a few times... When the time came for Auntie Peg, to go into… Continue reading Antics with Auntie Peg, by Joy M Lilley (Part 1)