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“If you love me, I’m yours” Blog Tour, @Lizzie_Chantree

Hello, bloggers! I am pleased to welcome back Author, Lizzie Chantree. Lizzie is on an entertaining & must-see blog tour, promoting her latest release - IF YOU LOVE ME, I'M YOURS. Personally, I love this cover and can't wait to pick up my own copy of her book. Now, without further ado... Let's begin with Lizzie’s… Continue reading “If you love me, I’m yours” Blog Tour, @Lizzie_Chantree

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Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke – @pursoot

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to another wonderful week! I hope your weekend was exactly what you planned on it being, whether that be busy or relaxing or somewhere in between.  🙂 Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming Author Suzanne Burke to my site. This lovely lady is quite versatile with her writing and I couldn't be… Continue reading Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke – @pursoot

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WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour – @AReeceAuthor

Introducing Amy Reece… *  *  * CRAZY CAT LADY CAT SITTER NEEDED $50 CASH—One Night ONLY Apply in Person 653 Silverwood Ln Apt B Rita looked from the folded newspaper to the small adobe duplex in front of her. Well, here goes. My chances of getting murdered or sold into a sex trafficking ring are pretty… Continue reading WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour – @AReeceAuthor

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Introducing Author, R.M. James – @leyna_jared

Happy morning, bloggers!! Today, I have a lovely guest for you. Please help me welcome Author, R.M. James. Get to know her and her books, both of which sound like tempting must reads! As, always, please enjoy...... R.M. James, Author Author Bio: R.M. James is also known as Reina R. Gonzalez, currently working on a… Continue reading Introducing Author, R.M. James – @leyna_jared

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Introducing @TKLawyerAuthor, #Paranormal #Romance #Author of Jasper…

Hello, bloggers!! I am pleased to welcome another Foundations Author, TK Lawyer. We're discussing Book 1 of The Guardian League Series, JASPER.  If you like paranormal, romance and steamy reads, then this is the author for you... 1. Tell me about yourself. I am a crazy, passionate, animal lover married to my best friend whom I’ve known for twenty-two years. … Continue reading Introducing @TKLawyerAuthor, #Paranormal #Romance #Author of Jasper…