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A Kingdom of Possibilities with @robertparlante

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to today's guest post! I am pleased to share my site with returning Author, Robert Parlante. He has a beautiful story for us today and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I first read it. A Kingdom of Possibilities (based on true events) By Robert Parlante Before… Continue reading A Kingdom of Possibilities with @robertparlante

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Discussing Astrology with @carolee1

Hello, bloggers! Visiting with us today is Artist, Writer, and Astrologer Carol Stanley. I've had the pleasure of welcoming Carol two previous times to my site. She's always a delight to have! If you missed her other feature posts, please visit one of the following links: Passion/Art or Health/Writing. Let's jump right into today's post.… Continue reading Discussing Astrology with @carolee1

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“If you love me, I’m yours” Blog Tour, @Lizzie_Chantree

Hello, bloggers! I am pleased to welcome back Author, Lizzie Chantree. Lizzie is on an entertaining & must-see blog tour, promoting her latest release - IF YOU LOVE ME, I'M YOURS. Personally, I love this cover and can't wait to pick up my own copy of her book. Now, without further ado... Let's begin with Lizzie’s… Continue reading “If you love me, I’m yours” Blog Tour, @Lizzie_Chantree

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Share with us…

Hello, bloggers! I hope you are having a fabulous day! We, in the crazy state of Alabama, are preparing for our first severe weather of Spring. We're talking tornadoes and hail this size of baseballs. My fingers are crossed that it passes over us, though. For anyone in the path of the storms, I'm sending… Continue reading Share with us…

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Readathons with Lucy

Hello, bloggers! I am so excited about today's guest and the topic. We're talking to Lucy, all about *reading*!! Can you hear the enthusiasm in my words?!? I love reading, and so wish I could get paid to do it! (LOL, but no, seriously...) I'll stop blabbering on and turn it over to today's fantastic… Continue reading Readathons with Lucy